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Lovenox ladies that have switched to Heparin...

My last Lovenox injection is tomorrow morning.  While I'm super excited that I only have one more left, I now will be switching to Heparin 3X/day.  So, I figured I'd do the injections at 8a, 4p and midnight. 

Initially I was only on 120 of Lovenox but when I put on some weight, they increased me to 150- which stung a bunch more in the last 10% of each injection.  My dr said that is due to the increased volume, but on the box it looks like both are 1ml worth of fluid.  Oh well, maybe I misread the 120 MG box.

Now for the Heparin, I've picked up my own 28g syringes, and I'm going to start off on 10k units which equals about 1ml I think.  For those of you that have already switched, or are on Heparin already, how does it compare to Lovenox?  Does it still sting the same?  Any other problems you've had with it?

I am so excited to be getting to the end of this pregnancy, but still worried about the unknown and not looking forward to these injections 3X/day.

Thanks for letting me vent!

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Re: Lovenox ladies that have switched to Heparin...

  • (lurker here). I just switched to herparin 3x's a day last week. So far, it has stung less than the lovenox did and I am bruising less. I think it has something to do with the needles. They seem smaller than the ones for Lovenox. What is hard for me is trying to maintain the 8 hours apart. I have a hard time staying up late to give myself the last shot. But I keep telling myself it is only for 4 weeks...I can do this.

    Good luck and I hope the switch goes smoothly for you!!


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  • Well I've never been on lovenox, but am currently on heparin. I am on 10,000 units twice a day, which is 1ml just like you thought. But I use 31 gauge needles, which are smaller. So I dunno if maybe you can get some of those next time you need a needle refill.
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