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BFN at 10dpo on FRER before BFP?

Rationally, I know 10dpo can be too early, even with a FRER, but I got my first faint line last time around with a FRER at 10dpo and I'm disappointed that it's coming up negative today. Did anyone test at 10dpo on a FRER and get a BFN, only to get a BFP later? TIA!
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Re: BFN at 10dpo on FRER before BFP?

  • I'm going to wait for the reply's because I tested today at 10DPO too and it was BFN and it really got me down. 
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  • you may not even implant until 10dpo.
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  • I got a BFP on a FRER at 10DPO yesterday and it was SUPER faint, like barely visible.  I took a second test (different brand), and it was more obvious.  Hang in're still really early.  Like Stacy said, you might not even get implantation until 10DPO.  Crossing fingers for a Thanksgiving BFP for you! 
  • I got my BFP with NON FMU (it was night time) at 10DPO. Hope you get yours soon.
  • I took my first FRER at 11dpo and got a BFN. I took my next tests at 16dpo and 17dpo and got positives both times.

    I just may be too early for you. Good luck!

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  • I didn't get my BFP until 14dpo (last time) & 13dpo (this time).  I was getting negatives before then both time.
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  • I got my BFP a couple days later this time compared to last time.  I have never gotten a + at 10 DPO, though.  Earliest was 11DPO and I was charting.
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  • Yes, and negatives until 14DPO.
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  • YES, me!! I tested at 9 and 11 dpo with FRER this pregnancy and got BFNs both times. I finally got a BFP at 14 dpo and it was really faint even then. (With my last LO I got a fairly strong BFP at 8 dpo.) It can take awhile for implantation to occur and until then no hormone is secreted.
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