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Baby registry questions

So with our 20 week scan around the corner we've started thinking about registering.  The vast majority of my family (and anyone else who's be attending a shower or getting a gift) lives/shops in my tiny hometown (Kokomo) which has a Target and a Walmart. 

We started a Wal-mart registry simply b/c the crib/dresser set we want is there and my in-laws want to buy it.  Putting it on a registry was the easiest way I could think of for them to know which one it was.  There aren't many things I really want from Wal-mart (they don't carry the brands or patterns I like).  I'd really like to register at Buy Buy Baby &/or BRU for their selection and return policy, but Target is what is available in my hometown.

So I guess my question is this . . . is it rude to not register somewhere that most people have access to??  I love me some Target, but their return policy sucks and I've heard stories about returing things from a registry being a nightmare. (I avoided this with wedding stuff b/c there is a BBB in my home town also)  Anyone have experience with Target registries and returns??

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  • I think it's appropriate to register at a more accessible place (like Target), but also a larger store like BRU.  My husband's cousin married a girl from Greentown (super closer to Kokomo) and she registered and received gifts from BRU as well as Target. 

    I think most places are getting stricter about returns without a receipt or gift receipt.  As long as you have a receipt, you're fine.  I had problems with returns at BRU without a receipt, even if items were on my registry.

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  • In that case, I would register in multiple places.  Register in an accessible place for options, but then register where you want to register too!
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  • Yep, ditto the others! I think it's fine to register at both places.

    Happy registering!

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  • You know, I'm registering at Wal-Mart too, mostly for essentials because the price is so much better than BRU.  For example, the Graco snap-n-go stroller frame is over $20 less at Wal-Mart than BRU.  Once we find out the sex, I think I will also register at BRU for nursery items, etc. 

    Most people who will buying me gifts will have to drive out of town to get to anywhere other than Wal-Mart, but it doesn't concern me.  Especially b/c so many people do shop online these days.

  • Thanks ladies!  I think I'm going to go ahead and give Target a shot and then also register at BRU since there is one on the north side (closer to my hometown). 

    IUbaby - My parents live in Greentown now, although I grew up in Russiaville (opposite corner of the county).  Small world!

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