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question for bed rest girls!

When is your DR going to take you off bed rest, or are you on bed rest until 37 weeks? My peri doesn't seem to think I need to be on strict bed rest anymore. I see my OB on Wednesday afternoon and I am so anxious to see what she says...

Re: question for bed rest girls!

  • I think that depends on why you were placed on bedrest. I will be on bedrest (or at least modified bedrest) until I have LO. I've been on it since I was 30 weeks.
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  • I will be on bed rest for "the duration of my pregnancy". I have been since 15 weeks. Risk of pre-term labor, so I don't know exactly how long that will be. But that does bring up a good question - what if I get to 37 weeks? Can I start doing things again? I will have to ask that next time I go to the doctor.
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  • I was put on bedrest "until I deliver". I asked the doctor and he said "well obviously the goal is to get you to 37 weeks"

    so I'm not sure. I have an abruption, so any activity can cause it to tear further and hemmorage. If I dont get to the hospital in time it can hurt the baby or cause stillbirth. sooooooooo, I think I'm stuck for a long time, but it's worth it! I dont want to risk anything!

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  • They took me off at 37 weeks, just told me to take it easy.  But I was only put on it because of preterm contractions.  At this point, they aren't concerned with stopping labor if it happens.  
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  • I'm 1-2 dilated with an irritable uterus. My cervix hasn't had any changes since 27 weeks.
  • I've been on bedrest since 30 weeks, and they gave me the goal of 37 weeks, and now that my body is doing so great, they say there's no medical reason to induce me at 37 weeks.  I go to the OB 2x a week, so I am going to ask if I can add in some more activity...we'll see, I am at 34 weeks now! I hope to only have 3 more weeks, because it's boring !
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  • I've been on some type of either modified or complete bed rest (on complete bed rest right now) since 26 weeks for a minor abruption/tear of the placenta.  I haven't had any bleeding in a little over a month now, so if this keeps up I'll go back to a more modified bed rest at 36 or 37 weeks (in a week or 2- eek, so excited to move around a little more!!!)


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  • I'm on complete bed rest, so even modified would be HUGE for me.
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