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Hi This is my second pregnancy and I guess I am even more high risk (I have Polycystic Kidney Disease).  With my first I went into labor at around 7 months pg and they were able to stop it after a few days in the hospital with injections constantly and then was put on strict bedrest.  Now with this baby they already @ 18 weeks want me to go and see a specialist for my and the baby's kidneys.  I am hoping that this is all just a precaution and nothing is wrong with my pregnancy.  Have any of you ladies had a situation like this?  The doctor told me that her and the other doctors decided what to do.  How she worded that makes me a little frightened.  And now tonight I started having some tightening pains in just my left side (not like round ligament pain).  Sorry for such a long post. 
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  • Sorry things are scary right now. The fact that your doctor discussed it with other doctors I think is a good sign. But going to a specialist is even better.

    My regular OB acted like I didn't have that big of a problem (I had a subchoronic hemorrhage) but after another bleeding episode the OB on call said that I had a 60% chance of losing the baby in the next five days. So..... I was frustrated and confused. But after I went to a perinatologist I got a realistic and informative opinion - which has been right on. I learned that some of my doctors are more cautious (scared) than others. I learned that this OB was trying to keep me calm, but I felt I was mislead and kept in the dark. While the other one liked to give me worse case scenario and left me with no hope. In the end both said they are happy and surprised to see I'm still pregnant!

    So be cautious and see what your specialist has to say. I hope everything turns out well for you! 

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