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 We're pretty decided on names.

Stage Vincent  if it's a boy....

Both names have major significance to my husband and I. Stage was the nickname of the singer in the band my husband plays in. His name was Dave "Stage" Williams and died in 2002 while they were on tour. He and my husband were super close. And Vincent was my father's name- he passed when I was 5. 

 Sophie Soleil  for a girl... 

We're trying to keep with "S" names- since my name, my husband's and his son's name all start with "S".  We also like Sophia, Scarlett and Stella... We've got time to decide for sure on the girls name... If it is a girl... 


What do you all think? And what names have you chosen if any yet? 


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Re: Names...

  • this right now has to be the hardest decision for my husband and I. We like Katelyn (not sure if we will spell it that way or another) but I keep thinking of all the people I know with that name and will think it is after them. We are set if the baby is a boy it will be my dh name Brian Patrick. I joke that if it is a girl we should name her Briana due to my name Sabrina would spell my dh name and our little girl ha ha ha...

    I like Lilly for a girl too for a middle name due to my mothers name is Lillian but Lilly just doesn't sound right with it...


    I like Stage Vincent but I think I would like it swap around...

    Sophie Soleil is an pretty name...


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  • If its a boy were goin with Hunter Dean. my dad suggested the name hunter and my hubby fell in love with it and Dean is my dads middle name. If its a girl it'll be hailey jean. Jean being both of our gramdmas middle name. But then again still got a ways to go so it may change lol
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  • Right now we are thinking Amelia for a girl and William for a boy.  We shall see, I am not totally set on these at all.
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  • I'm not  a fan of Stage.

    And yes we have a girl first named picked out but not so much anything else we are waiting until the anatomy scan to worry more about it.

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  • We like tons of girl names but can't find any boy names we like.  If we have 2 boys, we really need to do some browsing.

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  • DH and I have talked about it, but that's it, no decisions. It's hard for us because we don't want names of anyone we know and we don't want to name our LO the same name as a cousin. I don't have a big family but DH does and so our choices are limited. Plus we are trying to stay away from really popular names so LO wont be 1 of 5 in her class. 

    I think we have decided to wait till the anatomy scan to really delve in. An early u/s showed it is most likely a girl but I don't want to stress over girl names only to find out in a few weeks that it's actually a boy haha. 

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  • For a girl, we are pretty set on Cora Margaret after our grandmothers. We are still torn on boy names-top contenders right now are Edward and Micah, MN Karl.


    For your names: I like the meaning behind them but can you switch the order on the boy name? Vincent is much less likely to me made fun of than Stage. I know that you want to honor someone close to you and that's great -but remember Stage was his nickname not a given name and there could be a reason for that. 

  • Yes we have decided on our names, if it's a boy he will be Logan Alexander. If it's a girl her name will be Maya Olivia...
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  • Loving all the names ladies!


    I did consider doing Vincent "Stage" however, my husband and I are set on having the first name start with an "S" and Stage has really grown on us. It's definitely unique and won't be heard anywhere else. However, if it turns out to be a boy, he can choose to use the name Vincent instead if he'd like. 

    Girls names sure are a whole lot easier to come up with...

    Some of my other favorite names that we won't be using:








    and Londyn... 


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