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Has Andrew ever had a green/yellow discharge from his eyes during a sinus infection?

Tyson has no other symptoms of a sinus infection, but the Dr. Sears website mentioned this as a symptom.

I hope Andrew is starting to feel better!

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Re: kathy

  • No!  He's never had any eye goop of any kind!  It definitely doesn't sound good though.  Sorry I'm not any help.

    We had to stop abx b/c he kept puking them up, but my friend (pedi) talked to the on call dr, who called his pedi at home, and they all agreed to stop his meds and get him in the office tomorrow for Rocephin (sp?) shots. 

    Hopefully he'll be feeling better asap. 

    Now that we know the issue we are pushing the motrin + numbing ear drops.  As long as we do that about 30 min before bed, and read to him while feeding him so he gets some food in without him thinking about it, he's able to sleep and generally okay.


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