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P17ers--what week do you stop?

I'm getting ready to start mine in a couple of weeks but I thought I was supposed to get them through 36 weeks (to get hopefully get to full term--37 weeks) but the last doc I met with in the practice was saying they will stop at 34 weeks (hopefully getting me to 35 weeks).  When will you stop getting them?  I'd really like to get to full term obviously but I don't know if this is "standard" or not.  (DS was a 32 weeker due to unexplained pPROM)

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Re: P17ers--what week do you stop?

  • I was told I would stop them at 36w, if I can make it that far.
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  • My last shot is at 34 weeks 2 days which will take me to 35 weeks 2 days
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  • I was told to stop at 36 weeks with DS, which would take me to 37 weeks.  I didn't have him until 39 weeks though.
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  • We're going to 36, with a scheduled C at 38 weeks.
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  • i think i stopped at like week 32....
  • I stopped mine at 36 weeks.

    I ended up being induced in the end...  haha...

  • My doc will stop it at 36 wks and take out my cerclage!
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  • First time they stopped at 35 weeks and I had to be inducded due to not progressing on my own.

    This time they don't want to stop until 37 weeks, which I'm not thrilled about like at all, I would love the chance to go into labor naturally.  But alas, not going to happen.

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