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I sprung a leak.

Today is the 4th or 5th time that the injection sight, where I injected the Lovenox, has randomly started leaking during the day. Does this happen to anyone else? Am I doing something wrong? When I took the needle out I noticed some of the medicine spew back out, which I thought was funny, but maybe I had a bad angle or something. It does freak me out to see blood all over my pants or on my towel though. I'm just glad it is my stomach and not something going wrong.

Re: I sprung a leak.

  • I don't know if you're injecting it with a syringe the same way a person would with insulin, but when I was trained to give myself insulin shots, the doctor told me after I inject it, to leave the needle in for four seconds before pulling it out, because otherwise it will pull out the medicine with it. Maybe give that a try?  Good luck!
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  • Wow, thats odd. I don't know if any have experienced that before or not. I was taking Lovenox 2 years before I got pregnant for my heart, and I never had that problem. I did get bad bruising if I didn't keep pressure on the  injection site for a couple minutes though.
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  • My bruises are awful. But the funny thing is, the injection sight won't start bleeding until a few hours after I take it. Twice it's happened in the shower. 
  • The only time I've ever sprung a leak is right after I pull the syringe out.  Other than that, I do bruise, but the medicine stays put, and I haven't had other bleeding issues.  Like PP said, maybe try leaving the needle in for a few seconds.  I also try to hold a little bit of pressure on it right afterward.


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