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Where is everyone stationed?

Where is everyone stationed? And, do you love it?

Also, POLL:

If you could get stationed ANYWHERE in the world, where would it be?


I'll answer first. DH and I are stationed at Fort Hood, TX and we really do love it here. When asked while he was in Basic where we would want to be stationed our immediate first answer was "Anywhere but Texas" simply because it's so hot there and we were hoping to go somewhere a little cooler. But, since we've been here for almost a year we couldn't be any happier. It truly is "The Great Place!" Now, if we could be stationed anywhere we probably would want to go to Germany and maybe Colorado(somewhere cold.)


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Re: Where is everyone stationed?

  • We are stationed at Nellis and its a love hate town.  I love how if I want to go and do something there is plenty to chose from, or if I need cold medicine at 2 am there is something open.  I hate the fakeness, the education system, and the traffic.
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  • Camp Pendleton.  LOVE it.  Best duty station in years (though given where we've been that isn't really saying all that much).

    I would love to get sent anywhere in Western Europe.  No real preference, but I'm fluent in German and would love to go back to Germany. 

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  • we are stationed at Camp Pendleton. I dont absolutely love it, but its alright. I'd love to be back in the south somewhere....basically our option for that is North or South Carolina, so that's where I'd like to go. If we COULD get stationed in Europe, I might like that too, but its not an option.
  • Camp P here as well. I love it because its a lot better than my base was before I got out.

    I would love to go overseas like Japan or somewhere.

  • We're currently at Fort Hood, TX. We've only been here for about a month and half but so far so good.

     If we could go anywhere I'd love somewhere in Europe. Germany or Italy.

  • We just moved from Camp P to Wenatchee, WA. I liked having things to do in San Diego but I'm from WA state and I love having four seasons and having my family close. If I could choose anywhere, it would probably be somewhere in Europe.
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  • We are both stationed in Elizabeth City, NC. I don't LOVE it, but I am happy here.

    If I could get stationed anywhere it would probably be Barbers Point, HI, even though I have never put it on my dream sheet. 

  • San Diego we were only there for about a month before H deployed and I came home to stay with family but I think we will love it. It was our number one state side pick.

    If we could choose Japan sounds like it would be such a fun experience or Europe.

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  • Camp Pendleton.  I'm over it.  Thankfully we are going to AL in feb.  SO excited.  But, It's going to be so hard to leave my mom since she is so attached to DS after everything that happened. 

    I'd love to get stationed in london but that isn't an option.  He was talking about requesting japan after our next duty station after I&I so 6ish years?

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  • We are stationed at Kadena in Okinawa Japan.  We would go anywhere in Europe but I HIGHLY doubt that will happen.  We PCS in Feb. to NC. 
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  • We're at Baumholder, Germany right now.  We've only been here about 2 weeks so I can't say I love it yet.  Germany was our number one choice when DH re-enlisted last year, so I'm assuming we'll like it.  It's a bit cold for my taste (I'm from Texas), but hopefully I'll get used to it eventually.  I KNOW it will be better than Ft. Bliss and Camp Hovey, South Korea!!

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  • Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. LOVE it. 
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  • We are at Lewis in Washington.  I like it just fine but I REALLY miss Germany and would go back there in a heartbeat.
  • imageSarahbear621:
    We are stationed at Kadena in Okinawa Japan.  We would go anywhere in Europe but I HIGHLY doubt that will happen.  We PCS in Feb. to NC. 

    what base in NC?  Cause DH and I are PCSing to Fort Bragg in January.

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  • We're at Fort Hood also.

    DH has been all over the place. Before coming to Fort Hood he was at Fort Benning and Fort Gordon,GA, Camp Karrol (Korea), Fort Huachuca, AZ, Fort Bliss, TX, Fort Jackson, SC, (those two were only a month each though), then Crescent City, CA (recruiter for 2 years), and lastly Camp Arifjon (Kuwait). Two deployments to Iraq were mixed into all that too.

    I like to think that because they moved him around so much in his first 10 years that we'll be here for the rest of it but I know we'll probably end up PCS'ing somewhere else after his deployment next year. I'm from Texas though and I don't like to think about moving away!

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  • DH is stationed at Ft. Lewis in Washington. I really like it here, but I don't love it...it rains too much and its depressing. It is a really nice post and a really nice area though.

    If we could be stationed anywhere it would be Italy, then Germany, then the DC area and then Florida (or nearby).

  • Stationed at Spangdahlem AFB, in Germany. 

    This was our second choice, since DH has been stationed here (at Bitburg AFB back in the cold war and Ramstein too), but we are glad to be here.

    While I don't quite LOVE it, I more than like it.  I do not llike the weather.  There is a distinct lack of sunlight (there are many a prosupers who will let their guys take 10 mins if the sun sneaks out.)  But other than the cloud cover, its wonderful.  But I love mountains/forest living.

    If I could be stationed anywhere Kunsan in Korea.  I loved Korea (though living downtown would not be an option and I hate base living).  And the travel.....

  • imagencr279:

    We are stationed at Kadena in Okinawa Japan.  We would go anywhere in Europe but I HIGHLY doubt that will happen.  We PCS in Feb. to NC. 

    what base in NC?  Cause DH and I are PCSing to Fort Bragg in January.


    We are PCSing to Pope AFB next month!

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  • We are at Naval Base Ventura County, CA. I kinda love it, I can wear flip flops almost all year round, but do miss the four seasons and the east coast. We would love to do a foreign tour, DH wants Germany and I want England, but would be happy with either. 
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  • Barksdale AFB. Its a decent base and in a big city.

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  • We are stationed in Aviano AB Italy :)
  • We're in New Orleans. Def was our last choice and I can't wait to get outta here!!! We it's my first move w/DH and we were supposed to go to TX... all I wanted was something south but I guess that'll teach me to be careful what I wish for in the military.

    Don't really have the urge to go overseas, would love to stay in the south or on the east coast... but whatever, we're making the best of it for now...

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  • We are at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA.  I love it here, but I also grew up here.  I think if we were to ever get stationed somewhere else, I'd want to go to Germany.
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  • My DH and I are stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado.  We really are enjoying our time here so far and neither of us realized how big Colorado Springs was! We LOVE being so close to everything and feel lucky to have been stationed here.  That being said I think that if we could get stationed anywhere we would probably say that Germany is on the top of our list. 
  • Fort Campbell, KY. It really isn't bad at all. If I had to pick a place? I think in theory Italy or Germany would be awesome, but I'm not sure at this point in our lives I'd be willing to go. lol I'm pretty excited about our move to Ft. Stewart this summer though. I hope it lives up to my expectations.
  • We're at RAF Lakenheath right now, and I have a love-hate relationship with it. Hate the healthcare, don't love the base, but I love love love the area we live in off-base.

     I want to go to Germany or Alaska next.  

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  • We are at Ft. Gordon, GA (in Augusta)  It is really nice for an Army town and has all of the amenities (tons of resturaunts, shopping, great mall, etc.) and is in amazing proximity to al the great southern cities (Savannah, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, and Destin.)  But I am not sure if it is my favorite.  I miss having the seasons (I'm originally from Baltimore!)  I actually really liked Ft. Drum, but was ready for a change since the OPTEMPO for deployments/field time was so high there.  DH has a chill job now that he loves and it's a non-deployable slot for the next 2-3 years....not too shabby.

    We want to go to Hawaii next, or Belgium!

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  • We're stationed in England and we LOVE it. DH volunteered for a 365 deployment so that we could move here so this was our "if we could be stationed anywhere" tour :)
  • We are in Fort Hood, but I would like to be at Carson or Lewis. We have been to Bragg and very much didn't like it there and now we are being told we may go to Bliss, we both of us REALLY DON'T want!
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  • We are at JB MDL in New Jersey.  I like it but I am from here so it's my norm. 

    We would love to go somewhere abroad, like Turkey or Italy.

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  • We are in San Diego and LOVE it. Before here DH was in Norfolk, VA for 8 years and we were happy to go anywhere but VA. We couldn't get out of there fast enough!!! We would love to go to Hawaii or overseas somewhere Smile

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  • Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, AK. Not a huge fan. I would love to go to Fort Carson or to Italy.
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  • Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ. Other than the hellish heat of summer, I really don't mind it.


    I'd love to go somewhere in California or Washington, somewhere back east, or somewhere overseas -- In other words, I'm not picky. lol :)

  • We are at Fort Bragg, NC and it's okay. It is my first PCS and I am very much missing my husband being a recruiter in our hometown!

    I would love to eventually go to HI and Alaska but later in his career due to babies and grandparents :)

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  • imagencr279:

    We are stationed at Kadena in Okinawa Japan.  We would go anywhere in Europe but I HIGHLY doubt that will happen.  We PCS in Feb. to NC. 

    what base in NC?  Cause DH and I are PCSing to Fort Bragg in January.


    We were at Bragg for most of the last 5 years, and I'd give it an 8/10. Great facilities, awesome rugby teams, good proximity to my parents, the beach, the mountains, 2 airports, a good-sized city in Raleigh, and Fayetteville itself has 2 theater companies, loads of local restaurants and a small farmers' market, 5 movie theaters (one independent with a liquor license), a great downtown, and many malls and typical chain restaurants if that's your thing. People who complain that it's boring are uninteresting and full of crap, I believe.


    We really liked Fort Knox, KY, wouldn't go back to Fort Sill, OK if we could help it (although the meat comas at Meers were pretty cool!), and DH didn't have much good to say about Fort Riley. Benning is Benning. Tiny downtown, apartments very far from post, crappy drive to ATL, but good facilities. Meh.

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  • We're at Fort Jackson (SC)-the hubby is on Drill Sgt duty. We like it here fine, but we're both from the South so it's not anything different. We PCS to Fort Polk (LA) in August and we're looking forward to being somewhere different than Columbia. I would love to go to Carson (CO) or Italy next, but it'll likely be Bragg (NC) or Richardson (AK) with the hubby being Airborne.
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  • My H and I are stationed at Ft Lewis, Wa. we just did a year in iraq and it feels good to be back in the states! WA isnt to bad, his family is in OR and i have family on the other side of WA. I really wanna go overseas and travel.
  • DH is stationed in Okinawa, Japan. He hates it with a passion! :/


    I'm in Savannah, Georgia  (10 minutes from HAAF and 30 or so from Ft. Stewart) I love Savannah!! :D 

  • We are stationed at Patuxent River NAS.

    I like it because it is beautiful here.  Quiet, quaint, cute waterfront areas, sweet farms, slower pace of life.  You can get a good crabcake easily and in the fall there are REAL pumpkin patches.  It is also as short(ish) drive to Annapolis and DC.

    On the other hand, it is 90 minutes to the closest decent mall (and 45 minutes to the closest crappy mall).  I feel like I shop at Target for EVERYTHING.  I miss culture and arts and a wide variety of restaurants (that aren't Applebees and Olive Garden).

    If I could be stationed anywhere in the world it would be somewhere in Europe.  I'm not sure where...  Maybe France or England. 

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