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pressure in lower back/butt area

For the past two days I have been feeling what I can best describe as pressure in my lower back/butt area coupled with cramps and constipation.  I'm starting to worry that it is more than just ute stretching, and it is TERRIBLY uncomfortable.  Anyone else around 16 weeks and dealing w/something similar?  This is my first pregnancy.

TIA and Happy Saturday!

Re: pressure in lower back/butt area

  • I actually had something similar last week. I think it was a mix of constipation and laying in the same position all day ( I was doing work on my laptop all day).  I also think it was the uterus stretching.  Take some Tylenol and see how that does. There will be pressure as your uterus stretches and there is less room for other parts.  if your pain gets worse and lasts a few more days, call yur OB.  Hope you feel better soon.
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  • I had the same exact thing for almost the entire day.  I did take a tylenol and had some relief but I'm still a little concerned because I hadn't felt that before.  I'm going to try to listen to the prior poster and suppose that it is my uterus.  I have an ob appt on Tuesday so, unless it gets worse, I'll wait to talk to him about it then.

    I hope that you get some relief!  :) 

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  • Thank you both for your replies.  I was at the doctor on Thursday morning, and this pain literally started in the car on my way to work afterwards - just my luck.  I don't want to call if it's nothing, but we plan to drive 8 hours on Tuesday and I won't survive that if this doesn't get better!!
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