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Holiday cards.. a poll

What are you doing for holiday cards?

A photo card?  A Christmas card with a photo inside?  "Newsletter"?  Etc?

How prepared are you, and what is your goal for sending them out timewise?


I like to do a holidaycard with a photo collage card inside.  The photo card usually has 3 photos.  In the past it was photos from a family vacation but with the 2 girls I'm not sure (family shot and then 1 each of the girls?).

I try to send them out the beginning of December, but we'll see - last year I had a newborn so I remember throwing together a collage photo at the last minute and then sobbing when Walgreens messed them up (yes, I was still a little hormonal... I didn't take well to the "Happy Holidays" lettering coming out almost too light to read!) :P

I did buy my stamps though :)

Re: Holiday cards.. a poll

  • I usually do a Christmas card with photos inside. Depending on the recipient, I'll include one or several pictures of DD. I write a personal note in each card.

    We don't have many cards to mail out, so I don't really have much to do. I've yet to take a good holiday pic of DD, but I'm on the lookout for an opportunity.

    My goal is to have them mailed out in mid-December.

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  • We usually mail out 75-80 cards.  The last 3 years ( 6 months, 1 1/2, 2 1/2) we did professional pictures and had a card made from the photographer.  We are having professional pictures made next summer when Ben turns 4 so we are doing our own card.  I actually took the picture this morning (finally got a pretty good picture out of about 30-40) and used Shutterfly to make the card (I had a $10 off code and free shipping + the card I picked was 20% off so I saved around $35.00).  They are ordered and should be here the week after Thanksgiving.  I usually mail them around the 10th of December. I used the picture in my siggy. 
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  • We usually do a photo card with family photo but last year's photography session was a fail so we ended up doing a montage with all 5 of us in individual photos.

    This year I'd planned to do a family photo but frankly I'm up to my eye balls with school and work and it's just not gonna happen and not worth the stress so I already printed off a 3 photo collage (all 3 boys) from Costco.   Photo card with envelopes cost me $10 after using a coupon.  They're the simplest and not the nicest I've ever done but the truth is that other people probably won't notice or care so I'm glad it's one less thing to stress over. 

    Still need to address and mail.  That ain't gonna happen until school is done the first week in December.

    We do photo montage calendars for the grandparents and one for us each year.  I'm proud to say those got done last weekend because I'm cheep and couldn't miss the sale that ended Tuesday.

    I'm busier than I've ever been for a holiday and I'm way ahead of schedule some how.

    No clue how that happened.  Guess for once I'm grateful that I got sucked in by some crazy toy sales over the summer!


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  • I do self designed photo cards.  In the past, I've taken the photographs myself, but this year I took DS to a portrait studio.  The pictures will be in next week, so I hope to have the cards made and in the mail by the first full week of December.

  • I think we're going to do a photo card with a little note announcing DD's birth too.  However, we're completely unprepared.  I haven't even gotten outfits yet, let alone taken pictures and ordered cards.  Maybe they'll turn into New Years or Valentine's Day cards instead.

  • Photo card with multiple photos -- usually on the outside are a few photos of the kids and inside one of the family and usually a newsletter.  Sadly I have had a lot of news prior to relate so this will be the first year since getting engaged that I will do a newsletter without much to report.  I try to send them out early December too but haven't written the newsletter or ordered the cards yet, so that's a problem. Oh and we mail out over 100 cards (that's even with culling the list twice -- darn DH's large catholic family!) so I have to go the newsletter route versus personal notes in each and every one.

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  • A photo card with multiple photos. I get them out the 2nd week in December.

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  • We've never sent one out, being so busy with school and finals and birthdays and holidays during this time of year. I would certainly love to send one out next year. I'd probably send out a photo card.
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  • I have done a flat photo card the past few years but this year I want to do a photo card that open so Eva can sign it and I can write in it (I was writing on the back of the other cards but it was a pain).  I haven't taken her picture for it yet (probably the week after Thanksgiving).  I tend to always be sending them out at the last minute so I'm sure this year will be no different!
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  • What are you doing for holiday cards? I think this year we will do the "santa bubble beards" in the bath picture.

    A photo card?  A Christmas card with a photo inside?  "Newsletter"?  Etc? We always do a photo card... honestly- i think it's kind of a waste to send a card without a photo these days... unless there is a personally written note- when i get a regular card with just names signed i think "why bother?"... yes, it's nice to be thought of- but  with it being SO easy to stay in touch with people these days- i feel a note or a picture is required :) lol

    I can't STAND the newsletters.  Anything more than a paragraph or two = overkill. If I don't know all the things going on in your life that whole year already -then we're not THAT close and I don't need to know it all in a x-mas card.

    How prepared are you, and what is your goal for sending them out timewise?

    I like to create my own - i used to use scrapblog but i really am not a fan of that site anymore... i'm going to create my own with MS publisher and save as a JPG and print as a 5x7 to save $.  I have the design done already- just need to take the pics.

    I usually send out in early December... last year i think it was a little later b/c so busy with the twins... might happen again this year- life with 3 = nothing gets done in time anymore :)

  • I always get them from shutterfly and order photocards, and almost always at least 3 pictures. I ordered mine today and will have it out by the 1st or shortly thereafter.

  • photocards from either snapfish or shutterfly... this year snapfish, arrived yesterday!    I ordered 40. I slimmed down our list last year. I do usually try to hand write something.  maybe not much , but a little.  I like personal cards.  not full page and a half year in review... but a nice little something.  I don't mind receiving just the photocard and some extended family members will just get the photocard without much more than a love ya, our names. my childhood bff hates receiving just the photocard... thinks it's so impersonal to not write something... anything.     
  • We always do photo cards that I design myself - usually a composite of multiple pics.  I'll probably use the one in my siggy (or another one from that shoot) and individual pics of each kid (also from that shoot).  I usually send out 50-60 personal cards.  For business, I send out another 50-60, but they'll be a different probably be a different image this year.  I don't sent out anything hand-written or newsletter.  Most of my family follow my personal blog or FB acct.  Clients follow my professional blog and my FB as well...
  • I usually get right into the holiday pictures and take way too many and end up making a few different cards. Last year I had 3 different ones, plus professional pics to hand out. I usually just do a pic of DS and a cute saying. I have done the baby with lights, cookies for Santa, and a lollipop pic, so I am not sure what to do this year. Thinking about getting a Charlie Brown Tree and letting DS decorate it and take pics of the process. Or getting a big old picture frame, painting it silver and having DS hold it up to his face.

    I try to get mine out at the beginning of Dec too.... which means I should get started! :)

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  • We do a photo card with one family photo. Usually I use a picture taken closer to Christmas -- the last two years were from Thanksgiving -- but this year, we got a great, almost professional-looking shot over Labor Day weekend, so I'll use that.

    My mom asked me to order her photo cards yesterday, so I started putting together some samples for ours too. Since I already have the picture, I probably should just hunker down and get them done, but I'm such a procrastinator that it will probably end up being last minute as always. I usually aim to get them out by the second week in December.

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  • Hanukkah started last night and my cards were mailed yesterday.  I do a simple Shutterfly holiday card and my goal is always to get it out right around Hanukkah.  This year, we did family pics the end of August and I used one of all 4 of us, one of just the girls and then 2 of each of the girls so 6 pictures total.  I love how it came out.
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