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Santa for Free?

Anyone know of a place we can go to see Santa for free? 

Re: Santa for Free?

  • bass pro shops at northfield advertised free santa
  • Yep, I just went there and it was great! I think I hit a good time because he was just coming back from break and I was third in line. We waited for about ten minutes and then in we went. They have a great system going there and you get a 4x6 for free no hassles, no pressures. They also have tons of stuff for kids to do there as well. 
  • Most malls you can see santa for free you just don't get a picture for free unless you know someone who works there. Luckily for me, my husband works for a company that does santa photos at the mall and I get free santa photos and easter bunny photos every year.
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  • Murdochs is giving out free santa photos today Dec. 4th.
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  • I also went to Bass Pro Shop. It was great! We had to stand in line for a while, but that wasn't too bad.  You get a free picture, and if you want to purchase additional, they're very reasonable prices, and you can purchase them online too.
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