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nbr: Rec your furniture store

I'm looking for 2 new couches - something simple, microfiber/stain resistant and affordable .  I remember shopping last time was a nightmare so we ended up with simple and cheap that now need replacing way too soon.



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Re: nbr: Rec your furniture store

  • My home furnishings (the only costco home store) has some nice stuff.  We have a beautiful sectional from basset furniture, and macy's home store usually has some nice stuff.  You can also go to the seattle design center which is now open to the public and look at the showrooms there.
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  • We bought our microfiber sectional at JR Furniture last year.  We bought it during a holiday sale with no sales tax.  We went to the Tukwila one, but I think there's also one in Lynnwood.

    And I always check Sansaco in Lynnwood. They don't advertise or have a website, but it's a huge warehouse place with pretty decent prices.  I bought a couch there a few years ago, and still love it. 

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    Tukwila, WA 98188
    (206) 575-0811
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  • We bought our furniture through Mor Furniture at Southcenter.  They have a good selection and have good prices.  They are always running specials too.  I think when we bought ours we got no sales tax and no payment until 2011.

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  • We went to Macy's in Southcenter just recently and got all new stuff. They were having a sale the next day where everything was an additional 10% off, so he held all the items for me and rang them up the next day so I could get the sale price, which was nice. He also didn't hover and let us decide what we liked and needed (his name was Tim). I saw some great deals on microfiber couches there, too. Here's some of the stuff I got there:


    I didn't get the two slipper chairs there, though. I got them at Pier One.


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  • Moe's in SODO. Great quality, awesome prices.


  • We have had really good luck with Dania. Their prices are good and everything our toddler has dropped on our couches has washed off so far!
  • We got out sectional from the Rack in Olympia. That might be far for you to go. Our sectional was $500.00 and we have had it for 6 months now. It is stain resistant, comfortable, and easy to clean. If we don't hit up the Rack, we hit up Ikea or 1, 2, 3 Furniture store. 
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  • I love Lazy Boy (or however they spell it), but they aren't what I'd consider, on the cheap side. But our two recliners are two years old and have a much more comfortable fit as opposed to our Ashley Furniture couch, which was a great price, but ran out of support pretty fast. I'm thinking of having the cushions replaced by a local shop, but I could have saved myself the hassle if I had just gone with my gut.

    Ikea has some great choices too...I hear the comfy level has improved also, and when we tested them out last trip, we were tempted. They're definitley geared towards family.

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  • I fell in love with a Crate and Barrel sectional, but it was ridiculously overpriced.  I found an almost identical sectional at Macy's at a much better price.  Turns out McReary Modern, the manufacturer that makes a lot of C & B's stuff, also makes a line for Macy's.  Same quality, different price point. 

    And like pp said, they will tell you when the sales are and if you should wait or buy now.  The only downside is our order took a lot longer to get delivered than we were initially advised, because sales were so down.  Apparently if you choose something not in stock, the particular manufacturer waits until they have a full container load before shipping your item to the West coast.


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