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my daughter just broke my heart.

So I haven't seen Ella since Sunday night. I was out of town Mon-Thurs morning, and whe went right from day care to MIL's house on Thursday so that I could be sick at home without exposing her to my ick.

So MIL just drops her off here, and when she walks out the door Ella starts bawling. Then she starts running all over the house saying, "Dada? Dada?" And to top it all off, while I was trying to change her diaper, she started smacking me. I burst into tears, and she laughed at me.

Can I just get one smile? A hug?

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Re: my daughter just broke my heart.

  • :( I'm so sorry, Lauren. That would be so tough. I hope she comes around and y'all have a good weekend together.
  • I'm sorry, Lauren.  :(

    Jackson has been on a daddy kick since Scarlett was born and it sucks.

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  • Like, I just tearfully apologized to her for being an awful mom. I know that's a big of an over-dramatization, but clearly she hates me right now for being gone.
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  • Or she just knew you would be back & it's back to life as normal...

     (She sees no reason for a big celebration.  Grandma? Maybe she might not come back so that needs tears.    ? Just a guess)

    Whatever the reason   *hugs*  

  • I'm so sorry.  That is so hard.  I know it won't make you feel better but Evie does the same thing to Scott when he has to travel for work.  When he comes home all he wants to do is snuggle her and she is just cruel in the way she rejects him.

    It never lasts long.  Usually him sharing her favorite snack with her can do the trick.


  • I kind of get it.  Isabella's gone to the sitter for two weeks now, and has started running to the sitter and crying when I pick her up. :(  Can't I get a hug or something?  It makes me feel awful. 
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  • hugs!
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