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Am I crazy?

I *think* I have start to feel baby move.  I'm not really sure what else it could be and always in the same area where we find baby at the appointments.  Anyway, the other night when I was laying in bed, I don't think baby was happy with my position (kinda on side and leaning forward...on side that baby tends to hang out on) and booger started tickling me.  Am I completely crazy or has anyone else felt this tickling sensation?  Is it little one being devious?

Re: Am I crazy?

  • That's it!  You're not crazy at all! =)

    It was around 18 weeks that I felt Mady move for the first time.

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  • That's the baby!  I felt Zander move for the first time around 16 weeks.  I love those little first flutters.
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  • not crazy. that is awesome!
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  • You're not crazy at all - if it's a feeling you're not really familiar with, and it seems like it's in the right spot, then it's probably the little one! 17w isn't too early to feel movement at all.

    Enjoy it! 

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  • Aww, that's the baby!  I felt Claire move around 16 weeks. 
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