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New to high risk :(

Hi ladies here is my story... I am 20 weeks pregnant, our pregnancy was a complete surprise.  in Jan 2010, I had a LEEP done b/c I had cancerous cells on my cervix 6 months later I found out I was pregnant.  Last night my fiance and I went for our anatomy ultrasound and 20 week check up, during the US my cervix was checked b/c of my history.  My doctor said my cervix is already very short (2CM) but it is still closed, my baby is growing normally he/she is 11 oz.  My doctor has put me on progesterone (vaginally) and bed rest.  I was also referred to a high risk OB, they are supposed to contact me to sched an appt.  I am also scheduled to be seen by my MD weekly.  Has anybody else had to go through this, or has anybody else had the circlage done so early?  I am really nervous and any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated 
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Re: New to high risk :(

  • I have no experience in this area but I just wanted to offer some words of encouragement.  First, there have been plenty of ladies on this board who have been in similar and even much worse situations w/ their cervix shortening and have gone on to have successful, full term pregnancies.  Just make sure you listen to your doctors and adhere to the bed rest, that is the most important thing.  Also, it is very common for cerclages to be placed at this point.  I *think* that in a few weeks, it would be too late to place it, but don't quote me on that.  I know at some point they can no longer be put in.

    Your docs will watch you very closely from here on out and if you have any questions, make sure you ask them.  Best of luck!

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  • I was monitored biweekly with my first pregnancy and my cervix became short and funneled. At 2.5 cm I was put on strict bedrest but I was 25 weeks and too late for a cerclage. I stayed on strict BR until 36 weeks and then was on modified bedrest. Throughout that time my cervix measured anywhere from 1.1 to 3 cm depending, I was still monitored biweekly. My baby arrived naturally at 39w2d with a very fast labor-3.5 hours from start to finish. I consider it a success story!

    I am consulting with high risk to determine what plans we'll have for this one, but my dr is very optimistic since I had a very positive outcome. Good luck!

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  • Thank you for sharing, I am trying my best to stay off my feet as much as possible!
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