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Were you able to sleep when the baby slept?

I don't know why I'm just now thinking of this, but in the early days, was this something you were able to do?

I rarely could. I can't fall asleep on demand like that. As tired as I was, when Ella was sleeping I was very rarely able to follow suit. Would have been nice, though. Just curious if others were really able to make that work.

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Re: Were you able to sleep when the baby slept?

  • When Grady was itty bitty I definitely could. Not so much now unless I'm just completely exhausted. He's actually sleeping on me right now and I should be napping but I can't even though I'm not feeling well.
  • If I did, I slept very lightly because he was always sleeping on me.  I woke up with every movement, noise, etc. When he would finally sleep elsewhere, I am too much of a control freak to not clean up while he was sleeping.

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  • I had a really hard time with this too.  Even when either of them is sleeping on me, I'm usually unable to fall asleep.  I have never been able to fall asleep on demand though.
  • With Jackson, sometimes.  I think this was purely a benefit of me not having been in the real world yet - I was in college, then law school and I was used to random sleep patterns, you know?  Even though Jeff had a real job, I would occasionally have a night class, or whatever, and our sleep patterns weren't always the same.  I could nap if I wanted.

    With Scarlett, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  Not only is it more difficult for me to sleep now then it was 4 years ago, Jackson is not so helpful when it comes to napping.  He also likes to get up about 5 minutes after I get her back down if she gets up at, say, 6-6:30 to eat.  With him, I went back to bed for a few hours. 

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  • Even when Mady was really little, I had a hard time with this.  Of course after waking up in the middle of the night I was able to go to sleep right away, but I couldn't do that during the day.  I felt there was so much else I wanted to do than sleep.  It was during those moments that I wanted to do something for myself (bath, eat, check messages, etc) and I didn't want to waste it sleeping.  I totally should have taken advantage of it though!

    Now as she has gotten older and I want to take a nap, I plan to do it.

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  • I didn't with Evie but I have done a better job about trying this time since I need to be fresh for Evie when she gets home from school.
  • I never could either.  Even when I was absolutely exhausted I still couldn't really sleep when he slept.
  • I definitely think it's one of those things that's MUCH easier said than done!
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  • For the first four months, Claire pretty much slept on us for naps.  So...I'd sleep if she was on Jason.  Sometimes.  A lot of the time I used nap time to catch up on all the pictures I took.
  • Yep!
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