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Sooo. Are you feeling better? If so, what helped? :) My throat is pretty much on fire. Cough, low-grade fever, ear tingles (wtf?), congestion and the sore throat from Hell. I'm too scared to take anything but Motrin for the fever because nursing. Bah. Misery.

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  • Oh man, I'm really sorry!

    Sounds like yours is a little different than mine. My most prominent symptoms are GINORMOUS tonsils and a high fever. The one tonsil that is bigger is also really sore.

    I spent the first two days eating ibuprofen like candy, and the last two days trying Aleve instead. It definitely takes the edge of the throat pain and keeps my fever down.

    I'm feeling a little better today - more energy, have an appetite, and can swallow a little easier.

    Oh - I gargled with salt water like 4 times yesterday, and then decided to try Listerine because my breath was horrendous too. I think it's working!

    I already forget what's BF-safe...have your been on kellymom?

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  • Kellymom says I can take lozenges and do sprays for the sore throat. It recommends teas, salt water gargle, etc. Says I can take Robitussin but I'm so sensitive to something in that -makes me feel super duper stoned - so I never take it. Guess it'll just be a wait it out type thing. I'm going to start gargling fo sho. Anything to make the burning stop. I'm glad you're on the mend and happy to hear the gargle seems to be helping!

    Grady has his four month appt on Monday with our family doc so I'll chat with her if I'm still feeling crummy. I'm getting the flu shat and G's getting his vaccines so we're going to be quite the pair ;)
  • I just ate some chicken noodle soup - regular Campbells from a can - and it felt really good! Salty, but good :)

    Hang in there Jac!

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  • get well you guys!!!!!
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