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Auto V.S. Manual BP check ?

So I know there are alot of us with previouse pre-e pregnancies and I was wondering if there is a big difference between automatic and manual bp checks? I have both but don't trust myself to take it manually and do it correctly. So I have been using my auto arm cuff and thi morning I got two high readings in a row. The second a little lower than the first. One was 111/91 and the next was 150/84. So I was just wondering if I should be relying on these numbers or if I should go get checked out? Maybe I'll drive down to Meijers and just use theirs too... IDK. I'm just super paranoid of pre-e striking again. Any advice would be appreciated!

Re: Auto V.S. Manual BP check ?

  • Have you ever had your machine calibrated? I know it won't help you right now, but you should have someone at you doctor office  do this for you. That way you know if your machine is accurate or not. I was told overall the machines you buy with a cuff, not the wrist, are very reliable. It doesn't hurt to do this though.

    As far as this morning, I would sit in a chair for 5 minutes, position you arm correctly and then take your bp. Unless you did this already! I might worry if this number was elevated. But, if you haven't rested first, it might not be as high as it seems. 

     Lastly, I would not use a grocery store/ drug store machine. They are almost never maintenanced after they are installed and over time can be significantly off. If you feel it is elevated I would either go to the doctor or a walk in clinic and ask a nurse to check for you. 

     Good luck! Pre-e sucks. I hope you can steer clear of it this time!

    ETA: I just read you signature. Congrats on making it so much further than your last pregnancy! That is an awesome milestone :)

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  • I work at a hospital and even our auto cuffs can be a little goofy at times (usually with extreme highs/lows). when in doubt we always do manual.
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  • I would run down to your local store and take your monitor with you. See if you get the same thing.

    Also, take it with you to your next doc appt and see if its the same.


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  • Thanks for your feedback ladies. I appreciate it. My bp has been consistently high so I guess its time to relax.... easier said than done! Just keep ur fingers crossed for me that I don't end up early again. Thanks again!
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