Those who had GD

I was diagnosed with GD at about 28 weeks.  I was able to keep my blood sugar levels under control with diet; however I stopped testing after the girls arrived.  I haven't thought much about it, but I'm curious--was I supposed to have a follow up test after delivery?  My OB's office is closed so I thought I might be able to get some insight here.

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    I had GD with our son and I had a follow up 2 hour GTT done at about 6 weeks post partum. 
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    Glad to know my OB is on top of that stuff Tongue Tied.  Guess I will be giving them a call on Monday...
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    My OB wanted me to have a 2 hour GTT sometime within 6 months after the babies were born. When I tried to schedule it with the lab, they wouldn't let me. The lab required a fasting blood sugar level and will only do a 2hour GTT if you fail it. I passed the fasting blood sugar level so the diabetes is now considered resolved (although I still can't get health insurance b/c I used insulin withing the last 12 months.....grrrrrr).
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    I asked my MFM about it at my last appointment and he said, nope, once the babies are here, you're done. I tested my BS after a high carb meal a couple times after they were born and it was fine, so I'm not worried about it.
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