High-Risk Pregnancy

Silly question

What defines high-risk? Is age by itself high risk ? (I'm 35)

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  • Not just age but if you're having multiples, some kind of illness/ condition (like [gestational] diabetes, cervical insufficiency, hypertension) that may threaten the mother's and/ or baby's life, previous pregnancy issues, a history of genetic issues and a few others I can't recall.
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  • I'm just lurking this morning, but I'm high risk because I had a late loss with my last pregnancy
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  • As posted below, it is not age, but other health conditions that make you high risk.  It does hurt my feelings that one of the diagnosis codes on my chart is advanced maternal age.
  • i'm high risk cause i have a incompent cerviex (had to have a cerclage), my blood type is a neg i don't have an rh factor i have scoliosis, i had 2 misscarrages at 15 weeks (twins) and at 17 weeks( little girl) and during this pregnancy we found out i'm haveing problems with my gall bladder i had to have some stones removed and stints put in my bile duct when i was only 24 weeks pregnant i will be 35 weeks pregnant on thursday december 16th we are haveing a little boy this time congrats to everyone out there that is pregnant
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