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xp: feel helpless, in tears over doctor

I've previously wanted to change my OBGYN but haven't (I'm currently 19 weeks, 3 days) - the only reason I was staying was b/c I liked the perintologist (high risk doctor) who they work with, however I just got a phone call saying they have to change my 20 week ultrasound from next week to December 10th b/c the doctor (who isn't even the doctor I've seen, so I know my normal peri. is out of town for the holiday already) has a wife who is having emergency surgery.  Hmmm, emergency surgery over Thanksgiving - how many doctors schedule surgeries over holidays in advance!?  I am not buying it.  My regular OBGYN gave me the paperwork for my 2nd tri screening too late for us to even get the results back - it was a waste of resources in my opinion but I still went ahead and had the 2nd Tri blood drawn even though the results aren't supposed to be back until I am about 23 weeks.  I am so upset that despite being high risk (I've had a heart attack before and am currently wearing a heart monitor for 30-days b/c my arrhythmia has returned since I've been off medication for it) I feel like I am having to hold their hand and even when I get something scheduled correctly, it gets cancelled b/c it's Thanksgiving week and everyone is out of town.  I'm sorry to write such a long post, I just feel helpless and I've had bad experiences with other specialists screwing up my medical care in the past (other than my cardiologist).
DH called the peri. office and asked for a referral to another high risk doctor and they told him that they are the only practice within 150 miles. I also find this hard to believe. 

Re: xp: feel helpless, in tears over doctor

  • I would try searchng for another one. I too find that hard to believe. I have had poor care from doctor's before so I would look elsewhere to get  the care you deserve.
  • Have you asked your cardiologist who they would recommend?  You can't possibly be the first woman they've treated to go through a pregnancy; they probably have an idea of what other high-risk doctors are in the area.  No other high-risk specialists for 150miles sounds like complete BS - I live in the middle of no where and we have several high-risk specialists close by.
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  • I am sorry I hope you can find another doctor :(
  • I am so sorry about your situation.  As a doctor myself, it is quite possible to call in a favor to a friend to perform surgery on my husband on a holiday.  It can and does happen quite frequently.  Maybe this doctor's wife has cancer or something very serious and they are choosing to operate over Thanksgiving.  I'd actually not question the sincerity.

    With that being said, you do need to take care of you and your baby and push to find the help that you need.  Hang in there!!

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  • uh, you're in CALIFORNIA....there is no way in hell that there isn't another HR doctor around.

    Good luck!  I understand how important it is to have good drs taking care of you and how frustrating it is to have one drop the ball.  Our genetic counsellor drove us batty even though she was pretty much one of the smartest people on the planet, we just didn't mesh and she screwed up a couple times.

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