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How do you spend the holidays?

This is the first year of the past three that DH will be home for Thanksgivng and Christmas. I was wondering what you all do for the holidays? All of our family is on the east coast and it's hard making it home sometimes due to our work schedules. Do you get together with other military families, do you travel back home, etc? DH is on a ship and in the past we have invited some of the single guys on the ship over for Thanksgiving dinner and will be doing the same this year!
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Re: How do you spend the holidays?

  • I grew up a military brat.  When we lived in Alaska it was hard for people to travel home.  My folks would often invite people from my dads shop over to share Thanksgiving with.

    Now that I'm married military we live close to my folks.  We alternate, one year with my folks, one year with DH's folks.  It's nice.

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  • Every holiday since we've been married (nearly six years!) has been completely different. Sometimes we go "home" (but not often), sometimes it's just the two of us, and sometimes it's a party of thirty.

    Our first married Thanksgiving was when we lived in Okinawa -- DH and most of his squadron was TDY for the actual holiday, so we spouses spent turkey day together. When our hubbies came home a week or so later, we had another Thanksgiving feast. That same year, we had Christmas dinner at a sushi restaurant with the entire squadron -- very fitting for our first Christmas away from family and in Japan.

    More often than not, we've spent the holidays with our close friends. Since it's not always feasible to fly to be with our families for the holidays, we go with the next best thing -- our military family. ;)

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  • We alternate years spent at home vs. traveling to see family for Christmas, but always stay home for Thanksgiving.  We've occasionally had friends over for that holiday, but mostly it's just our little family. 
  • Every Thanksgiving is spent at our house, I cook for us and anyone from DH's unit that isn't going home. Most of the time we have around 20 or so people, this year is smaller. 

    Christmas is when we go home, its the only time we go back to Texas. We spend our time there driving between our parents who are 45mins apart and both sets of my grandparents. We went from a 12 hours drive to a 15 hour drive home this year so we will see how that works out with 2 toddlers. 

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  • Thanksgiving we're going to spend together here just us, and then Christmas we'll fly back home. 
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  • When we were living in Germany we always got together with our friends.  We would alternate houses and we would always bring some food when we would go to someone else's house.  It was a ton of fun for us and the kids all loved getting together.  We couldn't go back and visit family just for the holidays so we made the best of it.  Some holidays my husband would have to work (cook) so my friends and I would go eat at the DFac since the one there was really good and tiny.  
  • This year will be our first holidays being married. I would love to go home to visit family, but with my work schedule -- I work at a jewelery store, so this is our busy season -- it just can't happen for Thanksgiving, and Christmas is too close to the time our baby is supposed to be here to travel that far. Instead, we are having some friends and their families over for a somewhat "pot luck" Thanksgiving dinner. For Christmas, my parents will be coming to see us, and possibly the baby. :)
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