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Ok, so we like silly DH stories and gas stories, right? Have two cute ones to share:

1.The pregnancy stupids: I was in bed first one night (big surprise) and DH comes in and sniffs the air. He asks "did you fart?" and I reply "maybe." He says "you can't just maybe fart, either you did or your didn't." I said "I can't remember if I farted or not, so yes, I maybe farted." 

2. I was mashing up a newly hard boiled egg in the kitchen as I was making my lunch one morning. DH comes in and puckers his face up and says "ewwww, did you fart?" and I say "no silly, it's just the egg I'm mashing" and he says "good, cuz if that was you, there's something wrong with you." 

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  • Haha that made me laugh out loud. 

    A couple weeks ago I was getting hit with a lot of gas.  No one was in the room, so I did what I had to do.  Then of course DH comes in and sits down.  Immediately I felt a little bad....then he looks at me "Were you eating eggs or something?"

    I almost died laughing but said "Nope." and he goes "oh, ok."  Hey, I didn't lie!

  • hahahahaha! Those were great!! :)

     Poor DH comes up to cuddle me one night and I had just farted and he had to leave the room. It was awful. I didn't have to smell it because I was laughing too hard to breathe through my nose!! lol. 

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  • Hahaha!!! That's great :D

    Before I'd started my prenatal vitamins I was extremelyyy gassy! DH had to leave the room several times... and by room I mean;our bedroom, the living room/dining room/kitchen (yep I cleared out 3 rooms with one go!)

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