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things going right?

After 7 months of bad news and bad luck things are starting to go right. DH and I have been in Germany for nearly 3 weeks and we have an apartment waiting on us. We have been TTC and this is month 4 of trying. Still have 2 weeks till we know if we will move onto month 5. Money is starting to get better since we don't have to live in a hotel anymore (did for 3 months after getting married because nobody would rent to us for 3 months).  I am starting to get excited about the years to come spending in Germany and experiencing the wonderful things about Europe. I'm not looking forward to moving when we go to the next base but I am hopeful that we will have an easier time with housing and will possibly have a child or 2 with us at that point. I am so happy things are getting better and I would love to meet some other moms/moms to be/or military wives in the area. We will be living on the out skirts of Kaiserslautern and I just can't wait to move in.

Re: things going right?

  • We just moved to Baumholder.  How do you like K-town so far?
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  • I haven't spent too much time there yet cause we just found the apartment a few days ago. When we got here we got thrown in a hotel in Rodenbach and it's really slow paced here. The center of town doesn't have much so we have had to either walk to Weilerbach or go to base to get things. I love that we can walk to the next town over since I always lived so far from anything when I was growing up. The few times that I have been to K-town I have loved it but didn't want to live in the heart of it. That's what makes this apartment perfect. We are in a quiet area that is easy walking/bike riding distance to K-town to get things. Or we could even take the bus since we're right down the street from a stop. I love how convenient it all is!
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