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DH might be deployed

DH is in the Marine reserves & his contract expired on Sunday.  Monday his brother who is still active in the reserves got notice he's on the list for deployment in April.  DH is now going to extend his contract so he can go.  I always knew there was a chance he might be deployed, even after his active status was up, he was going to go if his brother went.  He has to jump through some hoops to get his paperwork/contract done, so nothing is official yet, and he doesn't want me to say anything to anyone until it is.  I came to terms w/ the fact he might go yrs ago, but it's still a pretty big deal & I'm having a hard time not being able to talk to any of our family/friends about it yet (other than my BIL & SIL).  

We are also TTC#2 & deployment or not, we are not changing those plans.

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