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Chorionic Bump?

Hi everyone!


Just wondering if anyone ever experienced or is experiencing what your doctors are calling a "chorionic bump" or some sort of mass in the gestational sac?


Mine was found at a 7 week u/s and was still there at my 9 week u/s. I am getting absolutely no info from my doctors and therefore, I'm switching practices. I am told that mine is not a hematoma, as it is solid (not liquid-filled).


TIA for any advice you have! And Happy Friday :-) 



Re: Chorionic Bump?

  • Hi!

    How did this work out for you?  I just found out at 7 weeks that I have one too. I was told not to worry.  Yeah right!


  • Hi there

    I've also just found out they detected one at my 6 week ultrasound. I feel really disappointed in the info my doctor initially gave me ie. "everything's fine and looking good". I only found out I had this bump after the ultrasound report was sent to me at 9 weeks! I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that there was a chorionic bump present. 

    Wondering of you can help out/give me some reassurance? 

    Thanks so much!  

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