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mini aw :)

I'm officially done with my work travel for the year!

It wasn't quite the exciting exit that I had hoped - I canceled my appointments yesterday and came home sick - but I'M DONE! Done done done.

I can put the suitcase away! I can eat real food again!

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Re: mini aw :)

  • Yay!
  • That is not mini...that is HUGE. =)
  • Yay for being home! Big Smile
  • Party!!! & Coffee

    The second one is to make your throat feel better :)

  • HUGE aw!  yay!!
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  • That's a huge reason to celebrate! WOOHOO!
  • yay!! Hope you're feeling better. Hopefully things aren't too crazy and you can have some time to hibernate/nest in your home :) I always feel like that after I've been away from home for a while. 
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