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friday (yay!) check-in

1. where/how?

2. what is some good news you've heard lately? on the news, personal, friend of a friend, etc.

3. weekend plans.

Re: friday (yay!) check-in

  • CD14, feel like utter_shit. Major swollen tonsils, very painful and gross. And a fever that will. not. go. down. no matter what I do. It's not strep but it's nasty, whatever it is.

    Good news - wow, I'm having a hard time coming up with something! Is that bad?

    Weekend plans - nothing. Just rest and as many fluids as I can swallow. Ella is with my MIL all weekend so I have the house to myself (thankfully).

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  • 1.  CD27 - expecting it to turn into CD1 later today, feeling good now - hoping I don't get as crampy as I did last month!

    2.  My brother (who split up with his FI about a month ago) is seeing someone and sold his house for a really good price! 

    3.  Harry Potter tonight, Thanksgiving with DH's family on Saturday, Christmas card pictures on Sunday

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  • 1. where/how? 35wks 1d.  No major complaints here!

    2. what is some good news you've heard lately? on the news, personal, friend of a friend, etc. it bad I cannot think of anything?

    3. weekend plans.   Watching the ND game and hopefully finalizing some of the nursery stuff.  DH and I cannot agree on anything, sometimes I wish he wasn't so interested so I could just do it and be done already! :)
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  • 1. 24w5d. Physically feeling good. Emotionally eh

    2. that my co-worker is expecting a little girl

    3. We don't have any

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  • 1. where/how? 6w4d... and the "morning" sickness has set in.  total misnomer, though... i feel crappy all.the.time.

    2. what is some good news you've heard lately? on the news, personal, friend of a friend, etc.  my little sister made the top volleyball club team in our region this week.  she worked really hard for it so i'm really happy for her!

    3. weekend plans.  for the first time in over 3 months... NO PLANS!  nd football game on saturday and maybe going to see harry potter, but otherwise i have nothing going on.  wonderful!
  • 1. where/how? 28w pg today.

    2. what is some good news you've heard lately? Someone close to my family who had been having trouble finding work got a good job this week.  It is quite relieving and I hope that he can keep it.

    3. weekend plans. Football, shopping for nursery decor and making my game plan for Black Friday!

  • 1. CD3, feeling ok but not looking forward to how busy my day is about to get.  Isabella's 15-month appt, grocery shopping, then back home to get ready for work and work at 1.

    2. DH is likely to be getting some overtime soon.  Cross your fingers it comes before Christmas!

    3. Really, I just need to get on DH to get some things done that he's been avoiding for a while, and clean.  

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  • 1.  13 months pp and I guess you could say 2ww. Surprise

    2.  Hmm, I don't really know, lol.

    3.  Hopefully put up our Christmas stuff, and 3 photo shoots!

  • 1. where/how?
    CD9 - grumpy as f~ck.  Angel

    2. what is some good news you've heard lately? on the news, personal, friend of a friend, etc.
    Ummm....oh wait, a friend of mine is pregnant!

    3. weekend plans
    Finish cleaning, pulling out the christmas decor, some craft stuff, possibly getting started on O's play kitchen.  Book sale in Indy, wedding on Saturday night.  Church. 

  • 1. where/how?

     20w5d I feel pretty darn good.  Baby C is definitely getting more active.  I think he was doing cartwheels last night or something.  He was definitely partying down for a good hour or so.

    2. what is some good news you've heard lately? on the news, personal, friend of a friend, etc.

    That I am going to be able to get off work early on Weds so we can get on the road to MO for Thanksgiving.

    3. weekend plans.

    Leaving right after we get home from work to go to my parents for an early Thanksgiving tomorrow.   My friends should be coming over for dessert tomorrow night too.   Sunday we'll drive back home and then start getting ready for our trip to Missouri.

  • 1. almost 1 year PP!!!!! AF has been here for 2 weeks now. I hate my IUD.

    2. I'm listening to Z99.5 Make a Wish and there's lots of wishes being granted so that's good!

    3. throwing a baby shower on saturday & Family get together on Sunday

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  • 1. where/how?

    18m pp and 13+w pg.  Other than my somewhat odd food cravings, I'm feeling better and better every day.  Bless the second trimester!

    2. what is some good news you've heard lately? on the news, personal, friend of a friend, etc.

    My DH will be home this afternoon and my BFF is going to be in town next weekend so we're going to meet up for lunch.  We haven't seen each other since June and she had a baby in August. 

    3. weekend plans.

    More work on the crown molding project, I'm going to get a few of my projects painted outside since it looks like this may be the last nice weekend.  I'm just looking forward to my husband being home without having any major plans.

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  • imagejac*n*abe:

    1. where/how? CD 15...meh

    2. what is some good news you've heard lately? on the news, personal, friend of a friend, etc. Harry Potter is finally out! Yay! Oh, but in terms of 'real' good news: DH said if we can get his student loan paid off in the next year, I can be a SAHM. We've only got $24k left (I know that sounds like a lot, but we paid down over $20k in year before we got married, when we were both making less than we are now, granted we didn't have a kid then). But still, makes my heart flutter that i might get to be a SAHM by this time next year!

    3. weekend plans. Painting the house, putting up christmas decorations, mini-thanksgiving with my fam.

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  • 1. almost 30 wpp.  Feel okay - I've been run down and I lost my voice this week, plus I'm just stressed....but there's a light at the end of the tunnel!  I have all week off next week!  Wahoo!

    2. A co-worker is pregnant and had the cutest story about her first u/s.  Her other kids are 5 and 10 and the 5 year old was yelling "I see her waving at us" when she sw the little gummy bear on the screen with arm buds.

    Also heard a cool story on NPR this morning about gold - it was all about chemistry and precious metals...not really good news, but not bad, and I was totally geeked and excited by it.

    3. Traveling to see my parents and brother for the week!

  • 1. almost 10 weeks! eee! feeling kind of blah this week.

    2. Jen is having a girl!

    3. date night, spending time w/ friends!

  • 1.  cd 18 and probably 5 dpo.  no chance of a baby this month though. :(  Doing pretty well except that after two good nights, Nick woke up at 4:30 again.  he got back to sleep but when I wake up within a couple of hours of my alarm, I just don't get back to sleep.  so, my dunkin donuts coffee is my friend this morning.

    2.  A good friend went through a lot, for several years to get pregnant and on their second ivf, it worked.  so thrilled for her.

    3.  My parents will be here Saturday evening and we are doing Thanksgiving with them and my sister and bil on Sunday since we are going to Indy next week.  Looking forward to it...I just need to come out of denial regarding the amount of stuff I have to get done before tomorrow. :)

  • 1. 16 months pp and 3 weeks pp tomorrow.  Scott stayed up with Nora last night so I actually got to sleep from 9:30 to 4:30 with only waking to nurse then hand her back off.  It was AH-MAZING!

    2. My sister just had her 6 months cancer screen and she is still CANCER FREE!  She is coming on Dec 4th for a couple days and I am pumped!

    3.  Finally buy poor Nora's crib and dresser.  Finish up her room.  Clean and organize.  Fun times!

  • 13 months pp.

    My friend found out the yesterday she's having a boy!

    DH is a studying maniac this weekend with his last round of exams before Turkey Day. I'll be hanging with R all weekend by my lonesome :)

  • 1. 12w2d, it's been a long and tiring week.

    2. A good friend from law school got engaged!  A coworker's wife recently had a bouncing baby boy :)

    3. Trying to take it easy and relax!  Meeting the in-law's for lunch Sunday.
  • 1. 4 wks post partum.  to celebrate, Lauren puked up her breakfast, then 1 minute later had a blow out.  While I was changing her, she peed all over her new outfit and my sheets.  It was awesome!

    2. how about JenBen having a girl? 

    3. if the weather is nice, I'll take Jake out to the "park"

  • 1. I think I'm cd 20?  maybe? I feel good and I'm glad it's Friday.

    2. My ILs house is going to be done by Christmas (they are building) and they are super excited.  I also just found out that one of my friends is expecting!

    3. Children's Museum with one of my besties and our girls, watching the Colts game at a friend's house and seeing one of my besties in town from Chicago!  Should be a fun weekend.  Date night got cancelled tonight b/c my sister is sick but we'll just hang out at home with E and it will be great!

  • 1. where/how?

    CD3, feeling a bit run down from working more than usual this week. With it getting near the end of the year, everyone is taking days off and vacation, so I am getting called to work shifts. I don't mind the pay, but working these nights are tiring.

    2. what is some good news you've heard lately? on the news, personal, friend of a friend, etc.

    A friend of mine just had a baby lastnight...she posted it on facebook approximately 20mins after she had the baby. I am hoping it was her DH that did it. Facebook was the last thing on my mind after having Gracie. :)

    3. weekend plans.

    Doing nothing today. Maybe taking Gracie for a library run. If it's not too cold out, we may finish putting up some more lights outside.

    Tomorrow a friend of mine is having a toys, puzzles, book swap at her house. I put a ton of Gracie's old toys in and hope to get rid of most of them. Plus, I am hoping to find some things for Gracie as well. We have no plans tomorrow night, it's going to be a pretty relaxing weekend.

    Sunday, church and then more relaxing and doing nothing. Love it!

    ~Micah and Danae 6-17-06~
    ~GRACIE JEAN 7-5-08~

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  • Haven't posted in forever, but I thought I'd join in the fun today:)

     1.  I am 37w5d and ready ready ready! 

    2.  Good news is we're supposed to be getting a big refund of social security from DH's work.  He's a cop and he pays into PERF but they've been taking social security from his paychecks along with his PERF for the last 3 years and we never noticed.  So we should be getting close to 10K back:) 

     3.  This weekend I just want to do last minute baby stuff.  I"m in nesting mode so I want to make sure the house is clean and I need to pack the baby hospital bag and make a list for myself and DH of what we need to take.  Other than that, no plans.

  • 1. where/how? About four months and a week PP. Feeling good! Just sleepy. My silly boy hasn't been sleeping too great, bless his heart. We're doing really great though!

    2. what is some good news you've heard lately? on the news, personal, friend of a friend, etc.
    My friend recently purchased the grooming salon she once worked for - so hugely proud of her! I recently learned that some good family friends are coming down to visit this weekend, great news :) Of course, the royal engagement has been fun news as well. 

    3. weekend plans.
    Hopefully sleep! Tonight, we have the Christmas of Yesteryear/Christmas Walk in town so we'll be visiting all the shops and there is a live nativity on the square. Grady will be meeting Santa for the first time as well! I'm so excited :) Tomorrow, projects around the house, hopefully start decorating. We really, really, really need to start on that Indifferent Sunday, more of the same.
  • 1. 26 weeks pregnant. Feeling good other than severe back pain if I do too much bending/lifting - hard not to with a rowdy 32lb 19 month old running around at home.

    2. One of the awesome parts about being a rehab physician is seeing my patient get better every day - sometimes dramatically. This week 3 of them were advanced to oral diets (vs. via feeding tube) and it's amazing to see how much that improves their outlook on their recovery.

    3. Working a 24-hour on-call shift at the hospital tomorrow; sounds like it will be very busy. Sunday we are celebrating my nephew's second birthday with Chris's family. Hoping to find time to take a decent picture for the Christmas card.


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  • 1. AF is gone for the most part! Feeling pretty good.

    2. Amber is getting what she deserves! LOL I can't think of anything else. Oh wait! my cousin got accepted into West Point.

    3. Hanging out with friends and the LO's. Girls night out on Sunday.

  • 1. 1 year pp.  I can't believe Sam turns ONE tomorrow!!

    2. Our refinance went through, and we're going to save $180/month! Woot!

    3. Big first birthday party, and then spending Sunday just the 3 of us!

  • 1. cd 10ish.. good!

    2. I can't think of anything

    3. cleaning up the house and the garage and taking advantage of the last bit of warm weather we are supposed to have.

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  • 1.  14+ m pp - somewhere in the middle of my cycle.  Feeling crappy today.  Can't seem to get rid of this headache.

    2.  I've had more referrals at my work than I thought I had = one of my best months ever!

    3.  Nothing.  :)  Just how I like it - maybe will get around to decorating the house for xmas - we'll see.

    Sara ;)

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  • 1. AF due soon. Nauseous today, though that is often an AF symptom for me.

    2. DD's godfather is ring shopping! They are an adorable couple and I couldn't be happier for them.

    3. If I cave in, testing. Other than that, helping with a youth retreat, hanging out with BFF. Nothing major.

  • 1. where/how? 18 weeks today.  Feeling pretty good physically but still batteling high blood pressure at work.  Starting to worry a little though that I haven't really gained any weight, haven't felt any movement and don't have a noticable bump (at least not to anyone but me and DH).

    2. what is some good news you've heard lately? on the news, personal, friend of a friend, etc.  Can't think of anything off the top of my head.  Hoping and praying for great news at my OB appt on Tues.

    3. weekend plans.  I'm working 12 hour shifts 3 days in a row.  Ugh!
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