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Doppler thuds?

I've noticed the last two mornings that when I find the babys h/b and listen for a minute, the doppler is picking up new and different sounds.

I'm getting thuds and whooshes. I assume this is caused by baby doing backflips in my ute? If so, that's pretty dang cool!

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Re: Doppler thuds?

  • When I was at the OB the other day we heard a 'thud' too and he says, "you have a kicker!"

    I guess those noises are the baby hitting up against you - cute, hunh?!

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  • No fair. Sad I still have not gotten the chance to hear my baby's heartbeat. I am currently 16 weeks. I went in when I was 14 weeks and they could not find the heartbeat. They had to send me to get an Emergency Ultrasound. The baby was moving around like crazy. I think it was due to the fact that I had just drank that sugary drink the Dr's give you for the 1hour glucose test. I would still love to hear the baby's heartbeat though. That is so cute you can hear the baby's kicks and movements.
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  • Haha, too funny! My OB did say that it was really noisy in there when she used the doppler at 10 weeks, but she was having trouble finding the hb. She did a quick u/s and we could see the baby jumping all over the place. She said, "Well, that's why it was so noisy!" So neat!

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  • Heck, half the time, those thuds are all I'll hear. The twins like to move around so much anymore that mommy can't always get a h/b :( However, they behave whenever daddy's listening with me! Little stinkers!
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