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Scary NST

Anyone had one? I had one today and the baby's HB dropped to 60 but came back pretty quickly. When this happened they monitored me for another hour or so and the rest of it looked good with some minor decels of 110-115 but nothing dramatic like 60. They believe it was his movement/cord compression but I'm still really anxious because it's nothing I can "sense" like movement, etc. They did an ultrasound today as well and the baby looked great other than already weighing 5lbs 4oz at 33 weeks- WOW!

Re: Scary NST

  • I had one where my DS2 had the opposite problem--his heart rate jumped to 190!  All of a sudden, I had doctors in the room checking the scrolling paper, looking at things, freaking me out.  Turns out, I was having a pretty intense contraction that caused his heart rate to accelerate dramatically.  I didn't even feel it! 

    If they let you leave, I'm sure it's fine.  Hang in there!  I know those things can get a little scary.  

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