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Can I switch OB doctors at 38 weeks pg?

Several long stories behind it but basically my doctor has no empathy and is really lacking in communication skills.

She was great up until I started having issues at 36 weeks.  I was having cramping/contracting.  They told me in L & D that if I would be 39 weeks they would have taken the baby then.  Told me it was pre-term labor and that they were worried about his lung development.  Go home and rest, eat every hour and drink around the clock.  When I asked about a note for work, the doctor told me to go to work (?????) because they don't put people on bedrest for "pregnancy discomfort".  I thought that that made no sense at all but just thought maybe I was overreacting to the pain.

I ended up pulling myself out of work shortly after that (I have sick days that I can use).  The pain/cramping/contracting was just too much.  I would spend half my day in tears (even after stopping work) or in the bathroom.  I was taking tylenol around the clock.  I didn't want to risk the baby's lungs or my health.  Not to mention, I wasn't going to be an effective teacher to first graders in that much pain. 

Due to complications with my DD, I had an amnio this week to check LOs lungs.  If ok, I was going to have a c-section (medically necessary) this week.  After the amnio I ended up in L & D for 6 hours due to a burning pain in my stomach and a headache that I had had for 4 days.  The amnio showed that he wasn't ready yet.  They sent me home with darvocet for pain (amnio pain was gone.  this was for headache/cramping/contracting).  I thought maybe my doctor was FINALLY understanding that this has been true pain and not just "discomfort".  Initially I refused the darvocet because I usually puke with narcotics.  The doctor strongly encouraged it thinking it would help me get some needed relief.

Had another appt this week.  I had to ask dr for a note for work because I am using so many sick days in a row.  She gets all weird again.  I don't understand why she even gives a sh*t about it.  It is not for worker's comp but for days I have already earned.  I don't know why she cares when I start my leave.  I can't teach full of darvocet.  She proceeds to say that I was only to take the darvocet for amnio pain, not around the clock.  Um, WTF???  She just told me to take the med for pain.  DH was there and heard the same thing I did.  Why write a prescription if you don't want me to take it?  Also, why write it for 6 pills a day for 5 days?  She ended up writing me a note for work but after I got the lecture about how most women work up until their due date.  NO sh*t.  Does she not think I would rather have this time with the baby?!  I feel like she thinks I am some white trash pain pansy that is just trying to get out of work.  I am just trying to do what is best for my baby, me and my students.

After all this, I am really freaked out about my c-section.  I am scared the spinal isn't going to take and she is going to cut on me anyway dismissing any pain that I may have as just "discomfort".  As of now, the c-section is scheduled for Monday.  Do you think there is any chance I can switch doctors/practices or will no one touch me this late in the pregnancy?  Also, will that mess up insurance coverage if I switch?

Sorry so long-you get a cookie if you have read this far.  Please no flames.  I am really worried and upset about this entire situation.  I'm sure that I have probably left out something but this is all I can think of right now without crying.  And for what it is worth, DH is upset too and he doesn't get worked up about stuff like I do.  Also, my mom (a nurse) thinks the dr is crazy since she is always contradicting herself.

Re: Can I switch OB doctors at 38 weeks pg?

  • Can you just schedule with someone else in the practice?  Sorry that you are having these issues so late in the pregnancy, that's the last thing you need!
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  • I think it would be pretty difficult to change now....but you could certainly call around tomorrow.  

    My biggest fear would be that the new dr is worse.  Do you already have someone in mind, someone that a close friend has recommended?  And would you really have any trust in them after just a few days?  

    I dunno....I think if anything, maybe try to switch within the they have every little tidbit of info already, and it's probably someone you have a little knowledge of.

    GL. and hugs.  I'm sorry you're having all these concerns at a time you should be so excited.


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  • Yikes, what a crappy situation. Is there someone else in the practice who can deliver you? Do you know what day/days she's not on call so you can schedule your c-section for that time? I wouldn't feel comfortable with her either.
  • I think you should trust your instincts and at least try to get another doctor.

  • Not quite the same thing but I switched at 30 weeks.  My doctor was mostly an a$$ but as a gyno it was whatever ya know?  A co-worker was two weeks ahead of me and so every time I would hear about how her appts went it made me realize how much I hated my doc.  I really stressed over switching so late but I did anyway and I am soooo glad I did.  I am still (4 years later) seeing the doc I switched to and I am so glad I went ahead and took the chance.  If you are really that uncomfortable with your doc I would try to switch.  Good luck!
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  • The one at 36 weeks in labor and delivery was the on-call doctor from their practice but my doctor also said the thing about no bedrest for "pregnancy discomfort".

    The appt this week was with another doctor in that practice that is going to do the c-section because mine will be out of town.  She was the one who gave me the mini-lecture while writing the note.  She only wrote the note after speaking with my doctor.  I think my doctor passed along her impressions of me to this doctor that is going to do the surgery. 

    There was yet another doctor in this practice (there are like 10) that I tried to get for the c-section but he already has 2 major surgeries that day.  Basically, I am also running into the issue that this baby needs to come out the week of a holiday.


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