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Just started Lovenox... few ?'s for you ladies that are pro's with it



I just started lovenox, the nurses that showed me how to do it we also unsure of this answer when i asked; when baby gets big... where in the world are you supposed to inject this stuff in your stomach? I'm not a tiny person but i don't have much meat on me either. 

Did all of your dr.'s switch you to heparin around 35ish weeks since of the epi risk with lovenox?


Thanks in advance for anyones help!

Re: Just started Lovenox... few ?'s for you ladies that are pro's with it

  • I'm on Heparin injections so I can't speak to your second question. However, I did express to my doctor your concern about injecting once my stomach gets hard and big. He assured me that I would have enough fat, even when I get huge, to inject into. In fact, he said, it should become easier the bigger I get. At this point, I'm taking his word for it!
  • Thanks for the info! This is all new to me.. not my illness but the baby thing! LOL

    Hope all continues to go well for you! 

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  • The injections get tougher as you get bigger, i'm slowly running out of room. I'm also on heparin because it is much much cheaper than lovenox (about 800 dollar difference).
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  • This pregnancy was the 3rd time I've been on it (once after surgery and once for a DVT) and the easiest place for me to do it was the "love-handle" area, not so much my stomach area.  You can also do it on the top of your thigh (sitting down), but I found I bruised a lot more when I did it there.

    And yes, once I hit 35 weeks they switched me over to heparin.  I thought it was a pain (haha!) since I had to do it twice a day and found that it stung more than the lovenox, but maybe that's just me.


  • I was told i could switch to the upper thigh when my stomach got bigger. I was also told if you put an ice cube on the injection spot(before the injection) it will numb the nerve endings a bit and it wont sting/bruise so much. I was just told this trick today so i havent tried it yet.
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  • I haven't had a problem still sticking my tummy. Only issue I've found is that because my belly sticks out so much now I bump the bruises a lot.

    I'll be switched to Heparin at 37 weeks.

  • I did the injections in my stomach until I was about 13-14 weeks along, then switched to my inner thigh. My doctor gave me a diagram in the very beginning showing that I could do the injections in either my stomach or inner thighs. At first I was really nervous about switching to my inner thighs, but I'm totally used to it now and like that I can rotate legs every shot. Hope this helps!! 
  • I'm a Lovenox veteran.  I was able to inject into my stomach all the way through with DD (she was born 4 days before my due date).  I was worried about it, too, because she was a big baby and I am short-waisted, and it was a tight fit to say the least!  However, I found that if I sat down and kind of leaned over to one side I could still pinch enough to get the needle in with no problems.

    I did switch to heparin around 36 or 37 weeks.  My doctor let me wait a couple weeks past 35 since there were no signs of labor coming any time soon. 

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  • I know this is an old question but I delivered in February after having a DVT during my pregnancy.  I was on Lovenox until about 35 weeks.  You will be able to inject on your sides when you are big.  It gets really sore since you have less area to work with, but it's not a big deal.  You will just have to reach as far toward your back as you can.  As far as heparin, they can reverse the effects of heparin if you go into labor.  They cannot reverse lovenox.  You cannot have an epidural if you are on lovenox.  Good luck sweetie.  Take it one day at a time.  It's all worth it in the end!
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