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wii games for a 3 yr. old?

My SIL is getting my nephew a wii for X-mas and she suggested games for it would be great presents for him. I've never played wii before and don't know a whole lot about it but I was looking on amazon and a lot of the games that I thought would be age appropriate for him seem to have a lot of violence. Any suggestions on games that would be good for him without the fighting? Thanks!

Re: wii games for a 3 yr. old?

  • Sounds like Mommy and Daddy want a reason to buy  a wii.  My daughter is 3 and can only bowl.  She isn't very good at the rest of the games, though she tries. 
  • they have a new elmo game and another one out for kids! google emlo wii and it should come up
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  • imagemich2004bride:
    they have a new elmo game and another one out for kids! google emlo wii and it should come up

    Most of the reviews I read said it was hard for the children under 4 to work and the older children were bored.  

  • My DD loves the toy story game, its arcade style games and we play them together.  Ring tosses over the aliens from pizza planet, shaking the remote to help buzz blast off, and popping balloons with bo peep.  Really cute game. 

    DH bought her 2 sesame street wii games for Christmas, they have covers that look like elmo or cookie monster and are supposed to make it easier for them to work the remotes since they block not used buttons.

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  • we have a wii (dh and I)... we have wii play, wii sports, dh has a few adult games and he said he has a lego one.  dc have only shown little interest (of course, we don't play it much and many times it's after they have gone to bed).  it is pretty weird to get used to.  we got carnival today to play as a family and they had fun with it.  the games are short, like carnival games. simple movements needed.  when we were in the store, we saw a number of games geared towards children but I'm not sure what age it's really appropriate. 


  • Griffin has tried the Toy Story game - he enjoys it, but it's really too hard for him still... Dh ends up doing most of it.

    We got the Just Dance game - which he likes a little bit- and is easy to play- but it's not really a "game" to him- it's just a fun dance video.

     we haven't taken it out in MONTHS... i am not a huge fan of him playing video games anyway - and he wasn't that into them... maybe now that it's getting colder we'll try it again since we're inside more.

    i'd really wait until the child is at least 4... maybe even older.

  • My 4.5 is just getting better control of the wii remote but one of the games that was easiest for him first was mario tennis and mario party.

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  • We have a Wii. We rarely play it, but when we do, DD likes a few of the games on Sports (mostly bowling) and Resort Sports (frisbee dog and a chopping game are her favorites that she can actually do).

    I've seen terrible reviews about the Sesame St. Wii games.

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