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How many of you are "out" on FB?


Re: How many of you are "out" on FB?

  • i use FB a lot - but it feels weird to me to do some massive outing on FB.  all of my close friends and family know.  so, i'm happy wiht that.

    not knocking anyone else's intention to do so - it's just not my thing.


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  • I've been out since week 6 :)
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  • I just did yesterday.  The amazing response of happy people made me cry!  I also received some very sweet and thoughtful personal messages from friends that I haven't been close to in years, but knew how much I have always wanted to be a mom.
  • I outed myseld at 10 weeks because my mother told me if i didnt then she was going to so I did it myself and posted pics
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  • I am a teacher and I have FB friends who are friends with students. I am "out" with the adults at work but will not tell the kids until after Christmas. Last time I held out to 28 weeks. I can definitely hold it in until 20. 
  • I outed myself at 13 weeks. Family and close friends already knew so I figured I'd rather out, myself than have people hear through the grapevine.
  • I'm not 100% out on FB. I posted an U/S pic on our blog and those who check it sent me FB messages of congratulations. I've never come out and alluded to the fact that I am indeed PG. All of our family know and most anyone we meet day-to-day know as well. But as for making a general blast on FB, no I have not done that.
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