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How many of you are "out" on FB?

I'm waiting to tell my extended family on Thanksgiving, but after that I was contemplating "outting" myself on facebook.  For some reason it makes me really nervous and I feel like I'm going to jinx myself (completely irrational, I know).  I will be 14+ weeks by then, but I still feel anxious. 

How many of you have "outted" yourself?  If not, are you going to?  When?

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Re: How many of you are "out" on FB?

  • I've been out since I was 10 weeks.  I was really nervous about it, but think it was more nervous-excitement than being anxious.  I know it was hard for my family and friends that did know before we were "out" not to post about it.  I thought it was fun to announce it in the end!
  • We told everyone at 12.5 weeks.  Our doctor recommends waiting until 14 wks just to be safe, but the timing worked better for us a little earlier.  FB was great though, we didn't have to feel bad about the "order" we told people, as everyone found out at the same time.
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  • We called our families the night we found out (at 6.5 weeks) and outed on FB I think the next day (after all close friends/family knew) - I didn't realize people don't usually say anything until 2nd tri :P I told my work at 7 weeks lol!!

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  • I outed myself last friday right after out NT scan. I am starting to show now and it's getting pretty obvious so I wanted to share with all of my friends who are overseas and in other parts of the country before someone randomly outed me of Facebook.
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  • I did not make a big FB announcement and I don't plan to. Most our friends know now and they have posted some "baby" comments on our pages and word is spreading that way, which is fine with us. I'm not really into using FB for personal stuff though so that's just my opinion.
  • I'm out. I outed a few days after our 12-week NT scan.
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  • I outed myself at about 12 weeks. It was fun to finally share my excitement with people.
  • We are planning to post something on Facebook after we have told all of our extended families through the holiday months. I just would hate for them to find out by reading my status on FB and really think we should tell them personally first. After that all bets are off!
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  • we'll probably announce on FB sometime after Thanksgiving once we've told the people we want to in person. I'll be 14 almost 15 weeks then.
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  • I attempted to out myself at 13 weeks not very many people got it. I posted ultra sound pics at 14 weeks still not very many people got it. Yesterday 16 weeks I asked a question about cloth diapers and still did not get much of a reaction. I have tried 3 times now and yet still nobody seems to understand I am pregnant. Maybe my friends and relatives will figure it out when I post baby pics in May.
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  • I'm a total basketcase.  I have no idea why I don't just tell people.  I told my family and my boss early on, but I'm not out at work, on FB or even to some of my closest friends.  What a nerd. 

    It's going to be obvious soon, so I guess I'll be out whether I want to be or not.  I'm 14 weeks with twins; it won't stay hidden forever!


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  • I've been out since 7 weeks, when we discovered it was twins. We were going to wait until 12 weeks, but the news that it was twins was just too much to hold in. Besides, if we lost one or both of them, we knew we'd need the love and support of our friends and families, so we didn't mind announcing early.
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  • I'm going to wait until my 20 week anatomy scan, once I know the sex. Still, I probably won't make a big announcement about it, but I'll be willing to acknowledge it publicly.
  • I've been out since my first ultrasound at 6 1/2 weeks. I was hesitant to tell so early, but we tried for so long, I just wanted to shout it anywhere I had a place to do so!
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  • I'm not, nor do I plan to. 
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  • imageVaulterMom:

    We called our families the night we found out (at 6.5 weeks) and outed on FB I think the next day (after all close friends/family knew) - I didn't realize people don't usually say anything until 2nd tri :P I told my work at 7 weeks lol!!

    Pretty close to what we did.  I found out at six weeks and immediately called parents, siblings, and close friends.  We waited until our first ultrasound at 9 weeks to tell extended family, and then outed ourselves on facebook around 10 weeks.
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  • I outed myself with an u/s picture during week 12.
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  • I'm not, but I'm thinking I will make my FB announcement next week around Thanksgiving with a pic of DS is his "big brother" shirt.
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  • I officially outed myself last night (had NT scan yesterday am).  My b-day was last week and several of my extended family member had heard through the grapevine and were starting to talk about it on FB.  I figured I'd better just get it out there.  Our families, close friends, and work have found out over the past few weeks.
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  • I probably will not make a big announcement on Facebook. 
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  • We outed ourselves at just shy of 12 weeks.  I wanted to be able to share it our way, and not just have someone randomly post about it after we went public.  With that said, I think I've post 2-3 times about it since then.  I do not want to be one of those moms who posts EVERYTHING their child (born or unborn) does on FB - so annoying!
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  • I called my mom when I found out at 3 weeks. We told my immediate family right away and my boss (since I am high risk and I knew I would be having tons of appointments coming up). We waited until 14 weeks to tell my in-laws (after our 2nd ultrasound to make sure everything was ok). And we announced on facebook after we told my in-laws (since some of them started posting things on my husband's wall).

     It's our first child and we didn't think we were going to be able to have kids (or we at least thought we would have to go into fertility treatments) so it was hard not to shout it from the rooftops :)

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  • We told our immediate families the night we got the BFP!  Which was at like 4 weeks.  Then we slowly told close friends.  We outed on FB after our first ultrasound at 12 weeks :)
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  • I'm not going to "out" myself on FB until my Christmas cards are sent and I know some have received them...that is how we are sharing the news.  My immediate family already knows.
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  • I went "out" when I was 12 weeks, 6 days.   It was right after the NT Scan. I thought about waiting longer, but I was excited and wanted share the u/s photo.
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  • I did it last week. Changed my profile pic to DD in her t shirt ( see siggy) and a pic of the back of the shirt that says " I'm going to be a big sister" with a caption saying baby is coming in may.
  • I outed myself on Facebook this past week with an U/S pic.  I wanted to do it instead of having people post things and then have gossip.  I felt like it was nice to have control over it.
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  • We did around 9 weeks - it was really fun to get so many positive comments from everyone and phone calls.  We felt lots of love and support.
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  • I think I may announce it on FB tonight or tomorrow. 
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  • Alright ladies, you're making me feel much better.  After all of our extended families and friends know from us I will make the "big" announcement.  Like most of you stated, I would hate for them to find out on facebook because somebody else posted something.  I'm kind of getting excited with all of that positive feedback.  Smile  Thanks girls!! 
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  • We told our parents around 6 weeks and we told FB yesterday. I didn't really want to but DH did so I went along with it.
  • I'm kinda "out" on "kinda" I mean I posted something about "estimated delivery on a package I'm expecting being another six months or so from now" person who already knew got confused, several others(mostly in-laws) got it and "liked" the status, and one friend who knew we'd been trying(about a week before we got the BFP) caught on immediately.
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  • I'm not yet.. I was going to this week, but then my coworker outed herself on fb, and I don't wanna steal her thunder.  I'll prob wait til next week (14 weeks).

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  • We decided to out ourselves at about 10 weeks because we have just too many family members (extended-aunts, etc) to call.  For us, we figured it was the easiest way to get the word out, without having to make a million phone calls.
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  • We were outed by my mother.  She was so excited the night we told them that she posted before we even made it back to our house.  Luckily we had told all of the family.  We found out 3 days later that we were having twins and went ahead and made the announcement that day.  It was great how much support and love we received!
  • We're waiting until my coworkers already know so I don't get a cranky call from HR, so at least January.

    Most of my family isn't finding out until Christmas and many of them use FB on a daily basis, so hopefully they can zip it for a month or two after finding out.

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  • I outed myself a few days ago, I was 12W6D. I know what you mean, that night I was overly paranoid that I'd jinxed myself, but by the next day that feeling was gone and just the excitement was there.
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  • I haven't and for some reason I keep putting it off. I feel strange doing it, not sure why. I know so many having May babies, and they're all out with the u/s profile pics and what not. They keep asking me why I'm so quiet; I don't really know why but I just don't want to. I will at some point.
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  • We're not planning to announce on facebook.  We're asking anyone we tell to specifically not say anything on facebook because I don't want my work to know untile after my year-end review.  After I give them the OK, I'm sure some friends and family will post about it, and everyone else can figure it out that way.  I almost never post status updates on facebook anyway, though.
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  • We told my mother and MIL at 7 weeks, and then waited till second US at 12 weeks to tell close family and friends. I was going to hold off telling on facebook, until my friend bought me the best baby gift ever, a kids show saddle.  I had seen it at a tack store and asked if she thought I was crazy if I bought it, and then she beat me to it! So then I came up with the idea of posting it on Facebook, and asking if everyone likes my new saddle, and see if anyone catches on to why I have such a small saddle. It sorta worked, but I had to massage it a long, but it was a fun way to tell people. However, it really only outed it to my horsey friends. I haven't wanted to just blurt it out on there, so there is still some people that don't know, but it doesn't really bother me at this point, and anyone that is close enough that needs to know will know eventually.
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