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Welcome My Cutie Pie!!

After 34 hours of induced labor he arrived on Oct 2, 2010. My labor was getting bad to worse after water broke. I was on oxygen, but thanks to my doctor he suggested epidural and on day 2 of labor I gave birth. My hubby and mother-in-law were awake and resting on a chair throughout this phase. Hubby was with me in the labor room, whatever he did for me during the pregnancy I owe it to him!!

Whatever pain I went thru I forgot once taking my baby in my arms.

But after delivery I have had frequent mood swings.. when I hate being clicked and looking in the mirror, unless turn around and look at my baby. Believe me, It's worth it!!

I address my baby "my love" as he personifies our love..

I am thankful to God for everything!!


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