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Flu shot?

I haven't gotten my flu shot yet, because I had a bit of a cold the last week or so - but I was wondering how many April mums have already gotten theirs and how it went.

My doctor said I should get one as soon as I'm feeling better, but I can't help but feel slightly nervous about it.

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Re: Flu shot?

  • Mine went well it only hurt for the day.
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  • I got mine done back in Oct.  I asked for the preservative-free one.  I know at Safeway and Walgreens they offer the preservative-free flu shots.
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  • i got mine my arm was a little sore but thats about all
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  • I was nervous about it too so I opted out.  I think that they are going to harass me about it now for the next 20 weeks.
  • I had mine a couple of weeks ago and it was mostly fine. My arm where I got my shot was a bit sore for a day or two and I did feel a little flu-y for the next 24 hours but nothing too bad.
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  • imageclaytonswife2011:
    i got mine my arm was a little sore but thats about all
    This.  Flu and pregnancy don't mix well so I was happy to get it.
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  • I got mine about two weeks ago. You're doctor will not give you anything that is not safe for your baby.
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  • I just got mine yesterday.  DD had one the day before that and her pedi gave me the side eye for not having done it myself yet.  I honestly didn't want either of us to get it because I was worried we would feel crappy but DH got it a few weeks ago and was fine.  They said if the vaccine isn't live it won't make you feel sick.  My arm is sore today but thats about it.
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  • imagechristina316:
    I was nervous about it too so I opted out.  I think that they are going to harass me about it now for the next 20 weeks.

    I have never gotten the flu shot and decided I was not going to start something while I was pregnant.  I know the flu can be dangerous while pregnant, but as long you are smart about it if you do get sick you can take the needed actions to get the care you need. 

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  • I got mine in October.  This year's flu shot protects against seasonal flu and H1N1.  My dr. said several healthy, pregnant women died from H1N1 last year so I wasn't taking any chances. 

  • My doctor told me (I haven't done my own research, I'm taking his word) that by getting the flu shot, your body is building protection against the flu. Your body will also pass this on to your baby. So once your baby is born, he or she will have protection against the flu. I was unsure about getting it, but this fact alone was enough to make me get mine. Just something to consider.

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  • I haven't gotten it yet, but will be. I was planning on asking if they had it at my next appt on the 23rd, but I've never had it and if I'm one of those people that gets sick (I know you can't get the flu from it...) I don't want it to be right before t-giving.
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  • I got a flu shot and the tetanus/whooping cough shot last week, when I was at 16 weeks (one in each arm). The flu shot hurt a bit the next day, and I felt aches and a slight fever all day (which happens to me every time I get the flu shot). The Tdap shot hurt the most....I could barely even lift my arm for the next two days.

    I also sent a reminder to all of my family members to get their shots as well before the baby arrives.

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  • I got a preservative-free one at 16 weeks--definitely ask for that then there's virtually nothing to worry about.

    My arm was really sore for 2 days after, but I'm really glad I did it. I love that I'll be able to pass a few months of immunity to our baby.

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  • got mine a few weeks ago.  arm hurt for 2 days, but that's it. the possible  complications from getting the flu while pregnant for both you and the baby are not something you want to deal with.

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  • I have never gotten a flu shot before because I am generally a healthy person who never gets sick.  However, my obgyn suggested I get one specifically for pregnant ladies.  I went along with her suggestion and feel fine...no soreness or anything at all
  • thanks everyone! I trust my doctor, but sometimes it's nice to hear from other expecting mums what their experience has been!

    I will be getting my flu shot next week!

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