Tell me about year #2

I am starting to get really emotional about my girls turning 1 next month.  This all just went way too fast...yes....even those sleepless nights and waking every 3 hours to feed. 

Can you MoM's of older kids either twins or singltons tell me fun stuff about year #2 and what I have to look forward to?  TIA!

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    My favorite moments:

    DD runs up from playing and grabs my cheeks and brings my face really close to hers. She then says, "I love you" Gives me a big kiss and then run away to play.

    DD shouting out, "My mommy is my best friend!"

    We are in a public restroom and DD is in the stall with me. I'm going #1, but after I'm finished, she claps loudly and screams, "Yeah mommy. You went poo-poo!" Yeah, other women where in the restroom as well. How embarassing but so cute to look back on.


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    I think I'm going to be way more emotional about my boys turning 2 because to me, that's when they're not babies anymore. For me, the first year was loooong and also, Alex just started crawling, pulling up and cruising in the last two weeks before turning 1 so they were very much still "babies." :) But anyhow, I felt like the second year has been way more fun than the first. I think months 12-15 especially? (If I'm remembering right; it's still all a little bit of a blur. ;)) I love seeing their personalities come out more and watching them learn how to walk and talk and express themselves. I think you have a lot to look forward to. :) Yes, it can be crazy and exhausting but IMO it's a lot more fun.
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
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    Just letting you know we are going through the same transition blues here, but I am LOVING watching the girls really interact and love each other ( and the fights too.) It did go by way too fast though.
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    You will be ok trust me because at 2 they are super funny and super smart!! :) To name a few are, when we go out to eat and the waitress comes and brings our drinks, if I don't tell her thank you my daughter looks at me and says "say thank you mommy" and after I tell her thank you she then tells me "good girl" Another funny one is when she goes potty #2 I tell her ok Mommy will be in the bedroom call me when you're done so I can wipe, so she yells out in half portuguese/half english that she's done and when Im approaching the bathroom she goes "actually, no wait I got more" LOL Another one is when I was able to clean my house I would wash the dishes she would go all around the house (without me asking) and collect all cups and any plates lying around the house and hand it to me and say "here you go mommy" shes such a great little helper and there is so much more she does and each and every day she has something new to say shes hilarious..haha
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    every stage of griffin's life I said "this is my favorite!"... as he grew and got older it just kept getting better.  Sure- it changes and you miss things that are left behind- but it's just so awesome to watch your child learn new things, become the little person they will be... the pride I feel each day with Griffin is so insane.

    I keep reminding myself that with the twins - b/c i'm sad they are getting bigger- but so excited about what is ahead b/c i know how great it is. 


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    Thank you for sharing your are making me feel better and excited about them growing and learning new things.  I know I already love to see them interact and just know it will increase!
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    we arent that far in, but i love this age! the boys understand a lot more so they are much more interactive. they can go find the ball, and throw it and come to you, and such on request. they are starting to listen, which makes some things harder because i really have to be consistent in my parenting, but they are starting to learn which i think is just amazing to watch. they crawl up and give hugs and kisses and then go off and play. they are starting to interact with each other in more then an accidental way. they 'talk' to each other, laugh at each other. its fun.?
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