talk to me about FFN's

I am 30 weeks today and have not had an FFN. At today's OB visit my cervical length u/s revealed that my cervix had shortened down to 2.5cm and had started funneling. My OB is bringing me back in for a repeat CL check again in a week.

Some of the girls on PAIF suggested I request an FFN. I've read that these aren't always reliable. Is there something else I should be asking for at these appointments?

I know that some cervical change is normal, but I want to keep them up there as long as possible.  

JFYI, I'm only seeing an OB (not a Peri/MFM or high risk doctor). 


Re: talk to me about FFN's

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    I never had an fFn done. 

    I had weekly cervix checks until 32 weeks and then started twice weekly NSTs at 30 weeks which lasted throughout the duration.  I was contracting once during my NST, but it was right after my final cervix check at 32 weeks.  The nurse in antepartum said she might send me over for a fFN, but I texted my Peri about it and he told me to tell her it was probably due to my cervix check.  He ended up being right and I never ended up having one at all.

    ETA that my cervix was down to 2.7 (IIRC) at 32 weeks.  Fingertip dilated, maaaaaybe.  My Peri was fine with that.  He said he didn't need to check it anymore after that.

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    I had one done when they admitted me for PTL. False positives are common, but negatives are most likely accurate. So, you can get a positive that says you're likely to deliver within two weeks, but it isn't always (or even often, from what I gathered) accurate.

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    I ended up getting one at 31 or 32 weeks and it was positive.  That helped to make a decision on getting the steroid shots then.  I ended up having them at 36 weeks (with 0.4 cervix for four weeks).
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    I had one three days before I delivered 32 week old twins. It told me I was in the clear for two more weeks minimum. So I don't trust it, but that's me. I will be skipping it this time.
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    My OB who is super cautious (I've been having NSTs weekly since 28 weeks, internals, and CL checks weekly since 28 weeks) has never done one.  I think unless you are having other symptoms of PTL it may not be necessary.  However, if you would feel better having one, then you should ask.  
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    I don't really trust FFN's.  I started getting them around 24 weeks (I think) because I had a short cervix.  I had one around 31 weeks that came back negative. A few days later I went into PTL.  I most likely would have delivered had they not stopped my labor with procardia (I dilated to 3cm before they were able to stop the labor).  I'm sure it has been accurate for many people, but I wouldn't necessarily trust a negative.
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    I started getting them every two weeks starting around 24 weeks.  They really helped my peace of mind, even though they're not 100% perfect.  Honestly, at this point though, I don't know if it's worth it for you.  My MFM doesn't perform them after 32 weeks because after that time you run the risk of false positives.   

    Also, your cervix will start shortening at this point.  At 30 weeks, I believe my cervix was around 1.7 cm.  Because of high blood pressure issues, I had a c-section at 36w3d.  If not for my blood pressure, there's no telling how long I could have carried these babies!  Your cervix can surprise you.  It can hang out above 2 for a while, but I'd definitely make sure my doctor kept an eye on it. 

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    I had several throughout my preg. My Dr advised me that if it came out negative, that was more reliable than a positive, however, still cause for concern. I did have a positive at around 26 weeks and went in for PTL and they found I was contracting, so they put me on Terbutaline, orally. Don't be frightened if you do end up with a positive screen, they aren't as accurate as a negative. I was short from about my 26 week mark on. I didn't see a peri either, but my Dr is highly competent in multiple preg and put me on BR at 26 weeks, once my FFN came back positive (along with the contractions).  At first I freaked, thinking how can I go out this soon? But let me tell you, my Dr knew it was the best thing for me. My babies were born at 38 weeks! Yay! If you have concerns, def ask questions and seek another physician, if need be. You can't ever be too careful. 

    Good luck on keeping those babies cooking!

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