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Middle name for Annalise

Any suggestions? I can't seem to find anything that fits.

Re: Middle name for Annalise

  • Tough name.

    I'd say, the simpler the better, like:












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  • I agree you want something simple and with one syllable.
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  • I definitely agree, one syllable names would be best ... BTW beautiful name.

    Annalise ....





    May / Mae

    Day / Dae


    Nicole / Nichole / Nikole

    **Hope some help! :)

    (bold are my fav... just saying) lol




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  • Well, I prefer it spelled Anneliese or Annelise. With Annalise, all I can see is "Anal" so you may want to reconsider the spelling.

    If you're going for short, I like Anneliese Claire, Anneliese Pearl and Anneliese June.

  • I agree that a cute, short name would do well.






    Here are other ideas ...

    Good luck!

  • Honestly I think just about anything would work for this name, but I do want to suggest the correct spelling.

    Annelise (Danish variation) or Anneliese (original) are both a good way to avoid the word ANAL in your daughter's name.

    Annalise, besides having the word ANAL in the beginning, is also a phonetic spelling.

    Annelise Rose

    Annelise Lorraine

    Annelise Marie

    Annelise Matilda

    Annelise Noelle

    Annelise June

    Annelise Joy (if you stick with the ANAL spelling, I think Joy or any other similar word name should be out of consideration)

    I'd also take a look at family names since the middle spot is a great place to honor a family member.

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  • Scarlett?  Love the name by the way... DD was very close to being Annalise
  • It's a tough one, I know! Everyone told us to use a simpler, one-syllable name, but we never found one that we liked. Our top choices were Olivia, Sophia, and Olive... we went with Olive because we wanted a more unusual name. We love it! I'm really glad we didn't settle with a shorter middle name we didn't love just because it "flows better". Don't worry too much about the flow. Pick something you love or that means something to you. Also, if you plan to call her by a nickname, try saying the nickname + the middle name...for example, we sometimes call DD "Annie Olive", which I think is adorable. :)


    Also, I agree with PP about spelling it Anneliese, or at least some way that you don't immediately see "anal". 


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