can babies have separated ab muscle?

So I noticed when Logan was trying to sit up, he had a bulge running down the middle of his stomach and when you feel his stomach, it feels like there is a separation of muscles, like what our tummies sometimes do when we are HUGELY pregnant. Is this something that is normal baby-will-grow-into-their-muscles thing? I am going to bring it up at his next appt. Doesn't seem to be bothering him.


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Re: can babies have separated ab muscle?

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    Yes they can.  My 4 year old had it when she was a baby and it has resolved.  I did bring it up at many well baby checks and I was told there was nothing that can be done.  Mention something to the pediatrician just for peace of mind.
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    Yes. Its perfectly normal. My DD had it and had an umbilical hernia at birth as well. It eventually resolved on its own....if only mine had :)  Just keep an eye on it, but most of the time its nothing to worry about.
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