Babies: 3 - 6 Months

Faster flow nipples?

When/should I start using faster flow nipples? Is there a reason to switch them?
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Re: Faster flow nipples?

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    I switched the twins to level 2 at 5 wks when they started taking over and hour to eat less than 4 oz.  I believe 3 months is the recommended time to change to the next level.  However, if your LO isn't having an issue with the level 1's, I would change them.


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    Our pedi said to switch when it was taking LO longer than 15 minutes to drink a bottle.
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    DD had a hard time with certian nipples from the very beginning. We had to start out with Premie, which was weird because she wasn't a premie, she was a week late. With level 1's we found she was drowning in the milk and kept choking. I've noticed some flow faster than others even though they are the same level.... Anyway, we switched to the next one when we noticed she was collapsing the nipples when drinking her bottle.

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