Best formula for really gassy babies?

If your babies are gassy what formula do you use? I feel so bad for my little one. she is always pretty gassy. I am trying to figure out the best formula and right now i am trying to get Alimentum covered by insurance but it takes a while. Using Similac sensitive right now. Didn't do well on Enfamil Gentlease and sensitive not really helping the gas.
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Re: Best formula for really gassy babies?

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    When my little guy was having a lot of gas around that tine our pedi recommended Gerber Goodstart Gentle, and we've been happy with it!
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    Have you tried adding gas drops or gripe water... did wonders for my guys.
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    I finally switched my girls to goodstart soy ( they are lactose intolerant) at 5 months and they loved it, my SIL just changed her DD (4 months) to Goodstart Gentle for gas issues and she is doing much better. Alimentum can be taste pretty bitter, and if they are not allergic to soy or milk you may have a difficult time with it.
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