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another finding out sex question early

We had to go in for an ultrasound last night at the hospital for bleeding (everything is fine) and the US tech said he wasn't saying anything but showed us between the legs (the image was like looking up through the legs) and you could definitely see something sticking out at as clear as day (but then at times when he moved the wand you would just see the thighs again)....

So I know the whole "angle of the dangle" thing... but are there any photos that show between the legs? I only see those side view ones. I am just wondering if between the leg shots are more accurate?

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Re: another finding out sex question early

  • The doctor who did my ultrasound preferred the side view because you could compare the "angle of the dangle" with the angle of the spine.  It it was parallel to the spine, then they guessed girl, if it was at a 45* angle to the spine, they guessed boy.
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