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I feel like supermom!

OK, so I've gotta brag a bit.  I had to take the day off Wednesday due to my sitter having a nasty cold.  I got so much done and DD was super good that day.  I cleaned my whole house, did 6 loads of laundry, changed all my sheets, made a fantastic meatloafStick out tongue, and re-organized and stored some of DD's clothes!  I felt awesome after that day!  I love days like I'm glad I don't have to clean and do all that laundry this weekend and I have more mommy-baby time with DD!!Big Smile  I'm sure there are other supermoms out there!
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Re: I feel like supermom!

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    Just wanted to say that I LOVE your daughter's name!!! My dad has always said that if we ever have a little girl he wants us to name her Piper (he flies planes and his favorite is his Piper Cub ;-) 
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    I am impressed!

    I was off work yesterday and managed to do the dishes.  LOL.

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    I'm impressed! Can I hire you for a day? LOL My day off has been pushed back to Monday instead of Sunday. Boo.

    Lilypie - (fjc0)

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    I feel like that every weekend. I vacuum,swiffer, dust, clean bathrooms, do laundry, cook, and go food shopping. Plus, I work as a full time teacher. It's just stuff we have to do. Yesterday, I had the day off due to it being Veteran's Day and I weeded the front yard and cleaned the pool while DD was taking a nap.  I never get to do that stuff, so it made me feel good!!!
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