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The never-ending cold...

I have had a cold for going on 5 weeks.  My OB called in some antibiotics a couple of weeks ago because they thought it may be a sinus infection.  Well here I am 2 weeks past my last antibiotic pill and I'm still having issues.

Anyone else? 

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Re: The never-ending cold...

  • i have had sinus issues for weeks also. turns out a lot of pregnant women get nasal congestion and chest congestion. mine is worse in the mornings and at night. i think it eventually goes away. if you haven't done so, try a humidifier. they work wonders. also, mucinex is ok to take while pregnant. that has helped me a ton.
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  • I had a cough for the month I got pregnant and finally broke down and went and got some medication around the 6 weeks mark. A pair of inhalers and some kick-ass cough syrup finally finished it off. I'm super paranoid I'm going to get sick again, and don't want to be that miserable. I coughed until my stomach ached.
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  • I have been sick for 4 weeks just won't go away.  I have a horrible cough that keeps me up at night. I also had an ear infection which was awful about 3 weeks ago and still have fluid in my ear.
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  • Me too... I have been sick since at LEAST Halloween... I have been using a Neti pot and Saline Spray to help with the congestion... which it does... but the coughing is just terrible now. It keeps me up at night and it makes me feel really awful!!! 
  • I'm telling you both: talk to your doctor about the cough.

    The inhalers (which are asthma meds totally safe for pregnancy) helped a ton. I got a steroids one and a ventilin one. If you're wheezing at all, the ventilin was great.

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