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Hi there, I'm a newbie

I have two boys already, a 2 year old and a 4 year old. I love my boys to pieces and always knew that I wanted another baby. How do you know when the timing is right? I know I could handle another one, my hubby and I are just worried that we won't time it right....I know it sounds silly. Are you girls "planners" or just going with the flow? Haven't removed my Mirena yet, so no worries now but at the same time we want our kids kind of close together...

Re: Hi there, I'm a newbie

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    Welcome.  Unfortunately, no one call tell you when the right time is to have another kid.  That is something you and your H will have to discuss and figure out.  All the planning in the world can't guarantee anything.
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    *chuckles*  nice to meet you.
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    Only you and your husband can decide what is best for you and your family.

    I know lots of families that have their kids spaced 2 years apart, and it works for them.

    My parents had me and my younger sister 15 months apart (granted we were both accidents) and then they had my youngest sister 5 years later (she was planned).  That worked for my family.


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    take this as me being non-helpful or whatever, but how did you know with your second child, or your first?

    the way i see it, you can handle whatever you are dealt. sometimes you need to ask for help, but you make it through, and i'm sure you found that out when you had your second child.

    obviously a 3rd child is going to be a big task as suddenly the children out number the parents, but if you know, and your husband/SO knows that you can handle it, then you're ready. 

    i guess long story short, like everyone else said, only you two can know for sure...

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    The ideal timing is going to be different for everyone.  For instance some people would rather shoot themselves in the foot than have twins.  I on the other hand love having two the same age and wouldn't do it any differently.  Then there's those who start TTC when their twins aren't even 1 yet.  I personally would rather sled naked down Pike's Peak than add a newborn to the mix right now. 


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    You should REALLY REALLY think about lurking.
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    oh come on!!!
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    Honestly, you and your husband will make that decision for yourselves. I am a huge planner, but sometimes things just don't tuen out how you wanted it. You can plan all you want, but pregnancy and babies aren't big on conforming to your plans. Welcome and gl. I would also advise you lurking for a while, as you will see a lot of our own plans have had to be adjusted.
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    Both of my boys were accidents actually *lol* Both conceived while on the Pill, which is why I switched up the BC this time.

    I kind of feel like you're never totally "ready", was just kind of feeling out some other opinions on the subject. Of course would never do anything until both DH and I were in agreement =)

    I think one reason I'd like another one sooner rather than later is so we get out of the "babies and diapers" phase and are just DONE with it.

    Thanks =)

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