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daylight savings time question

Is anyone's LO still waking up an hour earlier?

On sunday morning LO woke up an hour earlier, which was to be expected. That day was her baptism day and she was SO tired after the party that she went to be an hour earlier and Monday she woke up at her normal time 7:30am. The rest of this week though, she's been waking up at 6:30 am or 6:45 which is pretty unusual for her. I'm wondering if DST is still messing with her and if she'll get back to her normal schedule soon

Re: daylight savings time question

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    My DD is still waking up at her old time (7am now, used to be 8am). Even if she goes to bed later, she still wakes up at this time. I have been trying to keep her in bed with me, feed her back to sleep...only holds her off till 7:30am and she is up *sigh*.
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    DS was fine for the first two days, and then started waking up 'early.' I just try to keep him in his crib as long as possible and hope the routine catches on soon; it's so hard when you can't explain what is going on in the adult world!
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    DD has gone back and forth all week, one day at her old wake up time the next at the new wake up time. We have been doing our best to keep her up during the evenings so she gets used to sleeping more, but so far we haven't gotten her to stick to a new schedule.
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